A Celebration of Summer Great Camp Experiences Await You!

This summer the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat has a host of unique offerings that we're excited to share with you! Online reservations, information, and menus are now available.

The sun rests on St. Regis Mountain across Lake Clear while beautiful fog roles in over the Lake Clear Lodge's private beach front.

Editor's note

We are having fun celebrating 135 years for the Lodge as now the oldest continuing operating Great Camp in the Adirondack Park! If that was not reason enough to continue the iconic tradition of Great Camp experiences, three generations of the Hohmeyer family are celebrating 55 years of ownership too. The irony is (or maybe it was fate), it was Chef Cathy Fisher-Otis Hohmeyer’s family who built the Lodge in 1886 as a stagecoach inn, post office, and trading post - something we didn’t know until after we were married!

So, here is our sensory-filled line-up for the summer season: June 25th - September 5th.*

*Until June 25th we’ll be open Wednesdays and Saturdays with our Taste of Germany dinner!

Wednesday: Stagecoach Ride & Pioneer Dinner

We had to start with this one for our celebration as this is how it all began! Ride an authentic 1800’s Stagecoach through our nature trails down to the beach and view one of the world’s most inspiring mountain lake sunsets - just as the pioneers did! Savor a pioneer dinner inspired by Chef Cathy’s family’s original menu at our Lake View Great Camp Center. Add-on a History of Beer Tasting!

Learn more here.

Thursday: Adirondack CSA Day

Fresh vegetables, meats, and other goodies will be arriving! Through our Old World Takeout & Food Hub, you can pre-order savory a la carte items from bone broth soups to desserts. Or, take in one of our unique complete dinner packages. There is also an opportunity to buy raw products.

See the latest selections here.

Friday: Taste of Germany

We’ve pulled out the original Hohmeyer menu to highlight some of their staple dishes. From a variety of schnitzels to smoked pork, sauerbraten, and vegetable strudel to their famous Old World desserts, delight in Omi and Opa’s famous fare! As a bonus, you can sneak into the hidden beer and wine cellar with the Adirondack’s largest selection of beers from around the world!

Learn more and reserve here.

Saturday: History of Adirondack Food Tasting Event 

Ernest, when he was the founding director of an Adirondack Park economic center, was a big believer in looking into a community's rich and illustrious past to help determine a path to the future. The story of the history of Adirondack food has largely been an untold one, and collaborating with a host of organizations including the Akwesasne Cultural Center, Adirondack Experience Museum, Adirondack Harvest, and a host of historical organizations, a savory initiative was born! Now you can experience what has become known as the five eras of Adirondack Food with a five-course tasting from the Native Americans and Pioneers to the Cure Cottage Days and Grand Hotels. Trivia, cooking demos, and more highlight this fun, interactive evening. Savor these different eras as you meander from the 1920’s Speakeasy with hidden Beer and Wine Cellar and then dinner in the 1886 Stagecoach Dining Room. Add on a History of Beer Tasting before the dinner!

Find out more here.

Sunday: Great Camp Picnic Dinners

Here, you get the best of both worlds of an iconic Great Camp experiencing our 1920’s Speakeasy while Chef Cathy “finishes it fresh.” Then, taking in an iconic summer experience, a Great Camp picnic dinner at our Lake View Great Camp Center where you can eat in or out on the patio. What a great way for the tastes of your dinner to be accented by one of the world’s most picturesque mountain-lake sunsets. To see the sunset on the St. Regis Mountain range over serene Lake Clear will fill you with contemplative inspiration. Even after 55 years of operation, it still takes our family’s breath away.

For a full description and menu, please click here.

Bonus Experiences

Throughout the summer, we will be hosting a series of intimate, fun, and interactive experiences from unique energetic wellness classes to Adirondack Artisan in Residence series. Other events planned are a special July 4th weekend Stagecoach Ride and Pioneer dinner, Adirondack storytelling, and the “Discover our Nature,” series.

For the current information, please visit our calendar.

As you can see, our past is special to us and is a huge part of where you can discover our nature to reconnect with yours! 

See you soon!

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