History of Adirondack Food Events, Culinary Festivals, and more at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Calendar of Events

The Lake Clear Lodge offers a variety of events year-round! From Adirondack Restaurant Week specials and Mother's Day Weekends, to Harp Retreats and Nutritional Energetics Institutes.

An Adirondack Alps Sampler Platter with Apple Strudel, Red Cabbage, Sauerbraten, Chicken Schnitzel, and Old World Wursts (sausages).

History of Oktoberfest Food Tasting Event

Through this unique tasting dinner, experience Oktoberfest cooking demos, presentations, and foods from different regions of Germany. Add on a History & Myths of Oktoberfest Beer Workshop or a Sunset Stagecoach Ride!


Wellness Getaway Week for Practitioners & Caregivers

You can only be effective for others when you take care of you. Gather yourself for a week or a few days being Nurtured so you can return stronger. ReCharge your batteries, eat nourishing foods, nurture in Nature and regain your resolve

Percheron Draft Horses with a Wood Wagon in the Woods at the Lake Clear Lodge
Family Fun

Wagon Ride to a Haunted Woods Walk + Halloween Tasting Dinner 2022

Take a lantern-lit wagon ride through the woods, but beware, you may have to find your way back through the haunted trail! If you make it back to the Lodge, a warming fire and Ghoulish foods await.


Discover the Dimensions of "Nutritional Energetics"

Discover "new" and "rediscover old" ways of staying nourished. Incorporate simple and easy processes and info into your day to help nourish you and your family. Let's keep it simple, fun and magical. Re-imagine both food, energy


Fun, Food and Fascia! Curious? Check this out!

Nourish your body tissues with a super simple and super effective program you will learn for life. For beginners and experienced Blockers alike. Learn the wonderful, easy process that unlocks your fascia.