Ride/Taste/Sip Special Event for July 2, 2023

A Revolutionary Experience! A Taste of Tavern Life 1776.

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Editor's note

Stagecoach Rides - Tavern Foods of the Revolution - Drinks from 1776

A Revolutionary Experience!

  • Explore one of the last of the original Adirondack Great Camps
  • Meander to the Adirondack's best mountain lake sunsets
  • Add-on Periodic Liberty Cooking Demos
  • American Independence Trivia

Ride with Lucky Clover Farm

Ride with majestic Percheron draft horses through the nature trails down to the beach on picturesque Lake Clear, but beware: you may be robbed!

  • Group Covered Wagon Rides
  • Private Sunset Stagecoach Ride

Taste Tavern Foods of the Revolution

Try tavern foods of the revolution, which may include:

  • Beef Stew, Chicken Fritters, & Potato Soup
  • Molasses Graham Bread & Jefferson Biscuits
  • Martha Washington Pie, Giggle Water Whiskey Cake & Trifles

Sip Spirits from 1776

  • Paul Revere Toddy
  • American Whiskey Wine
  • Ciders & Beers
  • And so much more!

Add-on to the Fun

  • History of Revolutionary Drink Tasting.
    From Paul Revere's ride, stopping at a Tavern for a "Toddy," to ingenious tonics from molasses to ginger, you will taste and explore early American spirits in a 30-minute, fun, and "spirited" workshop.
  • Liberty Cooking Demonstration


4:00 PM: History of Revolution Drinks Tasting*

4:00 PM: Liberty Cooking Demonstration*

4:00 PM - 5:30 PM: Group Covered Wagon Rides

4:30 PM - 7:30 PM: Tavern Foods of the Revolution Dinner

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Private Sunset Stagecoach Rides

*Available as an add-on for the Tavern Foods of the Revolution Dinner.

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