Cathy Hohmeyer, certified Block Therapy instructor, posing with Block Therapy display materials and a wooden block.

Block Therapy Classes

Join Cathy Hohmeyer, a Certified Block Therapist, for this unique and simple exercise process that all ages and stages can learn and do almost anywhere, anytime!

Discover Block Therapy: The Missing Link to Health and Wellness

Your fascia is the communication highway between every cell. If the roadways are open and clear, there is an immediate response to a call and the body knows what to do.

The challenge arises when the fascia compresses.

What is Block Therapy?

It is a mild exercise that anyone can do on a mat or sitting in a chair. By using a wooden block or your hands you learn to unlock your fascia to:

  • Create space within your fascia for nutrients, vitamins, minerals
  • Relieve pain
  • Re Align your body

It is possible! See more here

Gravity, injury, surgery, unconscious posture, and incorrect breathing are the main reasons adhesions develop in the fascia which ultimately wind the body down. All issues in the body are largely impacted and result from compression.

Get started with a block by clicking here or try it for $9 by clicking here.

Before and after photo of someone who used Block Therapy to change their body image.
Before and after Block Therapy.

Introduction to Block Therapy Class

Great for beginner or experienced! Learn or continue your journey to unblock your fascia. Concentration of the class depends on the you, the participant! We always start with the core. Cathy is available for Q&A as well.

Fun & Empowering - Feel great afterwards! Intro to an awesome “exercise” program that reduces weight, balances the body, and releases trapped emotions. Cathy is a Certified Block Therapy Instructor and you can even join in continued classes online from home. This is for all ages - you can even do Blocking in a chair!

Onsite & Online Participation

  • Onsite 45-minute class includes instruction, space, and use of a block.
  • Online 45-minute class includes instruction and how to get started (or continue) at home!