Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer demonstrates to guests how to make Spaetzle noodles.

Cooking Classes & Demonstrations

From 30-minute cooking demonstrations before you enjoy our Classic Dining experience to weekend-long, culinary immersions in Traditional Food preparations & Nutritional Energetics.

Welcome to "Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body"

Welcome to Executive Chef Cathy's unique programs. Join her online now! see below *

From the "10 Essentials of your Nourished Pantry" and her "Sourdough Challenge" to "Cooking with Essential Oils" and the "Multi-dimensional world of Nutritional Energetics," there is something for everyone who wants to up the vibe of what you eat.

The focus is on fun, interactive programs. Thirty minute cooking demos, culinary and nature weekends, and intensive Nutritional Energetics Institutes are experiences you can do while simply coming to our Adirondack Alps Restaurant, while on vacation, or even online!

30 Minute Cooking Demos

Every evening the restaurant is open, Chef Cathy offers a 30 minute cooking demonstration by prior sign up. For 30 minutes, she will share one of the secrets of her Old World, Nutritional Energetics philosophy and open the door to her many wellness cooking techniques. While the topic of the demo changes nightly, you can always expect an experience that is informative and fun!

Example Demo Topics

  • Roll In the Dough Cooking Demonstration.
    A family-fun 30-minute cooking demo, where everyone rolls-in-the-dough like ‘dem gangsters! Then you can have your dough and eat it too – as your own hidden creation for dessert.
  • Intro to Traditional Foods.
  • Intro to Old World Foods & Culturing.
    Learn the research, cooking methods and fascinating story of foods that kept people healthy for generations. Learn to make popular Old World Foods and add them to your family’s repertoire.  This class includes learning to make probiotics for pennies.
  • Intro to Nutritional Energetics.
    It’s not about diets anymore! It’s about the quality of food you prepare, the vibe of the food you eat and the properties of the food within. You will learn to enliven and energize your foods.  Learn cutting edge energetics and technologies.
  • Bone Broths & Essential Oils.
    Learn to make your foods into superfoods by making mineral-rich and flavor fresh broths. Learn to make soups, add them to dishes and cook with them in various ways. Get an intro to essential oils and cooking.
  • Thermogenic Foods.
    It's almost winter - time to be making foods that heat you up from the inside out (and control weight gain too!  Learn the foods and spices plus some recipes that make foods “thermogenic.”
  • Adirondack Rosti Cooking Demonstration.
    Savor the world of Rosti: a unique dish you can learn to do at home with many flavors, from vegetarian to carnivore. Learn why this was such an important, as well as tasty, dish during the Cure Cottage days. Follow-up provided. Includes instruction and the rosti for eating! The Rosti class for one person will be a great appetizer - participate with two people to make a great meal. Take it back to your lodging to eat it for an appetizer, lunch, or dinner!  Made with local potatoes, veggies (sausages), and Meier’s cheese.

Seasonal Cooking Class Modules 

Eating Local and with the Seasons is important for many reasons : but one you may not know is that local foods resonate with your body. They have the ability to offer more bioavailability of their nutrients. Chef Cathy can guide you through the seasonal changes for both foods and energetics and bring back more vitality to your kitchen and to your life. Come on in to an online class and chat, or visit us at our home for a getaway.

Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer guides a guest on how to make sourdough bread during a cooking class.

Old World & Traditional Food Preparations

Traditional food preparations and techniques are making a comeback! Keeping ourselves Nourished is primary importance for all of us. These are fun and simple classes that teach more than just "how to cook." Come for the fun and camaraderie, go home feeling empowered! Not applicable for children under 12 unless family is present.

Be the first to book and you get to choose the theme!

  • Healthy "Soda"
  • Sourdough
  • Fermenting Vegetables
  • Making Beef Jerky
  • And more!

Onsite and online attendance options available.

Other Seasonal Theme Examples

  • Essentials of the Nourished Kitchen Pantry
  • Traditional Food Basics
  • Old World Desserts & Natural Sweeteners
  • Broth based Soups, Stews and Sautés
Year-round Classes Live or Buy the Class Modules and start anytime

Cooking Basics * Traditional Foods Basics * Nourished Pantry Essentials

Do you have a group you would like to create a class for? Chef Cathy can offer her space or come to yours, either onsite or by Zoom platform virtually - have a cooking party and "bring Chef Cathy into" the party! Chef Cathy can guide you through a fun "Make your own Rosti" or have a "Girls Night Out" and hey guys - impress a friend by cooking dinner at your house! Chef Cathy can guide you through the easy steps to create a great meal for your occasion.

About Chef Cathy

Chef Cathy has been interested in nutrition and was cooking for her family as long as she can remember. Her lifelong pursuit has led her to study many diets and a lot of nutritional information leading to studying the human energetic "blueprint." She has been cooking professionally for her restaurant for over 30 years and has served over 300,000 bowls of bone-broth soup. With this information she has developed a program called Nutritional Energetics - nourishing all nine levels of mind, body, and soul through foods and energetics. Come explore this unique program! Cook a bit, learn a lot and stay nourished.

How to connect personally with Chef/Energist Cathy Hohmeyer

Facebook : Nutritional Energetics Pantry, for fun tips, free webinars, interviews and discussions.

Facebook : Nutritional Energetics Support Group, for experienced energists and energy workers and for those who have enrolled in my Energist Programs.

Website : www.nourishing9d.com