Adirondack Alps Restaurant

A Great Camp Dining Experience

Seating is limited, the fun is not, whether it be quiet reflections on picturesque Lake Clear where Einstein contemplated or the camaraderie of Long Table History of Adirondack Food demonstrations. One of the last of an iconic Adirondack dining experience awaits, we can hear the loons calling serenading the sunset…

  • You will need a password to get in through the hidden door to the 1920’s Speakeasy. Here, the menu is explained to you. Explore the hidden cellar with the Adirondack’s largest selection of craft import beers.
  • You can choose to eat dinner right away or soak in the Great Camp dining experience.
  • Savor a 30-minute traditional food cooking demo or History of Beer Tasting.
  • Meander to absolutely one of the world’s most spectacular mountain lake sunsets on serene Lake Clear.
  • Dinner follows in the 1886 hand-hewn dining room where vegetable stocks, slow roasts, and Old World flair emanates from the artisan kitchen serving guests for over 130 years and 4 generations of family.
Foggy Sunset on Lake Clear with Kayak

Our Cuisine

We focus on a 100-mile product philosophy based on Chef Cathy's pioneer family who originally built the lodge in 1886. We fuse this with the Old World traditions of Ernest's European family, who bought the lodge 50 years ago.

Adirondack Alps Restaurant Schedule

Reservations or sign up required for all dining experiences and activities; please call or request a reservation online.

Friday & Saturday

4:30 PM: Cooking Demonstration

two person minimum.  $20 per person.

5:00 PM: History of Beer Workshop & Tasting

two person minimum.  $20 per person.

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM: Speakeasy Dinner Experience

Limited space available; Starting at $39 Per Person

Special Events

Sunday, 6:00 PM: Long Table History of Adirondack Food Tasting Experience

$79 per person. Gratuity will be added.

Sunday, 10:00AM: Cooking Class with Executive Chef Cathy

$44 per person.

Dining Options

Our five-forks Adirondack Alps restaurant offers several dining experiences, depending on the season!
From our Classic Adirondack Alps Dining to our 5-course History of Adirondack Food Tasting Experience.

1920s Speakeasy Rathskeller with Fireplaces

Classic Adirondack Alps Dinner Experience

Our staple dinner experience for over 50 years! Enjoy a forgotten Adirondack culinary tradition where your table is our 25-acres.

History of Adirondack Food Tasting Event

History of Adirondack Food Tasting Experience

Our 5 eras of history come alive as your 5 course tasting is paired with demonstrations, displays, trivia and fun history including a hidden beer cellar, concealed tables and don't forget to watch out for that '20s Copper!

Frequently Asked Dining Questions

Q: Is the restaurant open to the public?

A: Yes! We kindly request reservations, but are open to guests that are not staying with us.

Q: Do you have a dress-code?

A: We generally say "resort casual," as if you were going to a friend's house for dinner. Please no cut-off or ripped jeans, t-shirts, etc.

Q: Are you family friendly?

A: Yes: we are a three-generation, family operated restaurant. In addition to our various nightly selections, we also offer children's portions and a la carté options. Plus, we always have great homemade desserts!

Nightly Activities

Each evening the Lodge is open, we offer several additional activities you can choose to take part in! Chef Cathy offers a Traditional Foods Cooking Demonstration, while Ernest provides a History of Beer Workshop & Tasting!

Traditional Foods Cooking Demonstration with Chef Cathy Hohmeyer
4:30 PM: Cooking Demonstration

Learn about Traditional Foods for 30 minutes with Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer!

History of Beer Tasting & Workshop
5:00 PM: History of Beer Workshop

Enjoy a 30-minute History of Beer workshop and tasting with Ernest Hohmeyer! Ernest explains the history of beer, complete with trivia, while you try 6 different beers from around the world!

Old World Kitchen Store

  • Interested in doing your own thing in your cabin or home? Pick-up an appetizer or complete dinner from our Old World Kitchen Store.
  • Want to do your own History of Beer Tasting? You can do that too!
  • Online ordering available.
  • We also deliver in our immediate area!

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