"Giggle Water Honey Flavored Whiskey" bottles with original art.

History of Spirits

A 30-minute workshop about the history of spirits, when they started, and why! Were spirits always called cocktails? Highlighted by a tasting of unique variations of our "Giggle Water" spirits.

History of Spirits Themes

The topic and tastings of our History of Spirits Workshops change seasonally. Below are a few sample themes!

History of Speakeasy Spirits

What is the history of spirits? Is it the same history as beer and wine? When did it start? How did it start and why? Why did our area become the largest distributor of booze to New York City during prohibition? Were spirits always called cocktails? Learn all of this and more in a 30-minute workshop as the Lodge was an illustrious 1920s Speakeasy! The highlight will be tasting unique variations of our "Giggle Water" spirits.

The Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat was a Speakeasy during the 1920s - and there's plenty of history to go along with that. Learn about some of the famous -- and infamous -- people that were at the Lodge and how our strategic location helped the area establish itself.

Myths & Legends of Ancient Tonics

Tonics from the gods, the elixir's by the ancient shamans, rations for the pyramids, beer as gold, a savior of the people. Join us for a 30-minute tasting and exploration of the myths and legends of ancient tonics and how they shaped what we drink today.