Private Stagecoach Ride & Pioneer Dinner Experience

The era of the Adirondack Pioneer Days has returned – and you can experience it.

Details subject to change per NYS guidelines and regulations.

You can tell we’re having fun with this one – and you can too! After all, anything to keep the iconic Great Camp Experiential tradition alive.

But Beware! The horse-drawn 1850s Henderson Stagecoach is carrying important mail, including yours! What happens if there is a “mail raid”? If you lose your ticket you may be stranded with Adirondack bandits!

And it has real roots here.

Not only are we now the oldest continuing operating Great Camp in the 6 million-acre Adirondack Park, 4 generations strong, but the Lodge began as an 1800s Stagecoach Inn & Post Office. Relive those days right down to your very own certified (e)mail that reserves your experience!


  • Special Mail (email) to confirm your experience
  • Upon arriving at the 1800’s Post Office in the original lobby, you will receive your own “Pioneer Mailbox" with key. Inside will be mail about your evening.
  • Possibility of receiving a “gold-filled money bag”, but beware: you may be robbed on your stagecoach ride. There was a famous robbery in the Adirondacks in the 1800s, you know!
  • A private, yes that’s right, a private Stagecoach ride!
  • An absolutely incredible Stagecoach ride through our wooded nature trails to one of the world’s most spectacular mountain-lake sunsets down at our beach on Lake Clear.
  • With your mail, there will be a password to get in through the hidden door to the 1920’s Speakeasy. The Lodge was right in the middle of the hotbed of Adirondack bootlegger’s days. Our area was the major travel route to provide spirits to New York City!
  • Explore the hidden Beer & Wine Cellar with the Adirondacks largest selection of craft import beers.
  • Savor an authentic Pioneer Dinner inspired by the original lodge menu from Chef Cathy’s family who built the lodge in the 1800’s.
  • Enjoy your dinner in our 1886 Stagecoach Dining Room, or in a Great Camp Dinner Basket inside the Lakeview Retreat Center or outside on the patio.
  • Finally, an experience that gives you an example of authentic 1800’s Adirondack life filled with incredible water and nature and an opportunity to take a breath, laugh, and reset.
  • Click here for menu and dinner experience details.
Aerial of Percheron Draft Horses pulling an 1850s Henderson Stagecoach at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Private Sunset Stagecoach Ride & Pioneer Dinner Experience

Enjoy an Adirondack Stagecoach ride from Lucky Clover Farm on an 1850s Henderson Coach, through our Adirondack woods and to the lake! These private Stagecoach rides are approximately 30 minutes long.

  • Starting Price for Private Stagecoach Ride & Dinner (2 Guests): $200
  • Additional Adults (Age 11+): $75
  • Additional Children (Age 3-10): $39
  • Additional Infants (2 & Under): $10
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30 Minute History of Beer Workshop & Tasting

Before the world of lagers, explore and taste the “pioneering” brews from ancient times to the “Wild West Yeasts” before the Industrial Revolution “robbed” the world of beer. Taste & explore 6 ancient beers from ‘round-the-world.

Pioneer Cooking Demo

A fun family 30-minute cooking demo where you get involved! Roll-in-the-dough to make a Pioneer Dessert. Chef Cathy Hohmeyer, whose family was on the Mayflower, will then prepare it for your pioneer dinner dessert!

Statement Regarding COVID-19, Restrictions, & Guidelines

We want to make this fun and safe for everyone, and to do that we need you to be our Adirondack pioneering farmhands. Due to COVID-19, the State of New York has placed a series of restrictions on how businesses operate and responsibilities of guests.

Guest Responsibilities

  1. Wear a suitable face mask upon entering and exiting any building as well as walking/not seated.
  2. Maintain social distancing at all times, where possible.
  3. On those occasions that social distancing cannot be maintained, masks are required.
  4. Not enter or reserve if you are sick, or have been within the last 14 days.

This is a public activity and place, and exposure to COVID-19 and similar diseases is an inherent risk; we cannot guarantee you will not be exposed during your experience or time on our property. We ask that you and your party please evaluate your own risk in determining whether to reserve and attend this experience. By booking this experience and coming to our property, you acknowledge and agree that you assume these inherent risks associated with attendance.

How to Reserve

Please note that to participate in this special experience, advanced reservations are required as space is limited due to restrictions. During these wellness times, we have to be strict about this as the farm that provides the rides, as well as the Lodge, will need to ensure proper spacing and seating thresholds as well as time to sanitize, etc. As such, there will be no tickets available at the door. Remember, they need to be “mailed” to you! It makes for an intimate and personalized experience.

To ensure a quality and safe experience, your ticket time is vitally important. Failure to be at the Stagecoach Lobby at least 10 minutes prior to sign-in and confirm your “Mail” may forfeit your reservation and there will be no refunds.

Please respect social distancing and wear a mask at all appropriate times; our business and the guest face serious penalties if any guidelines are violated.