Making a Fizzy Soda with a Ginger Bug

Fast Track - Making a Fizzy Soda with a "Ginger Bug"

Fizzy ginger soda.

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Fast Track for Making Fizzy Soda

So the "ginger Bug" can be used as a starter for fizzy flavored soda and there are many recipes and options.

If you haven't started the "starter" go here

Here's a general rule:

Once the ginger bug has cultured, use a ratio of ¼ cup "ginger bug" starter per quart of sweetened herbal mixtures for ginger ale or root beer or diluted fruit juice for fruit flavored sodas. Bottle and wait 1-2 days.

So here is an example :

Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup ginger bug, 6 tablespoons sugar (less if you are using a sugaring fruit like grape) , and 3-1/2 cups (fruit juice, water or brewed tea)

I love grape soda - you can go ahead and take your socks off and start squishing grapes (got ya....I hope you are smiling ) - or just use about 4 cups grape juice (organic best but this is probiotic) what ever you have is ok - just realize most juice is pasteurized. Your bug should be fine, but if you want to add a raisin or two - that can help. There is so much sugar in grape juice you may not need to boost the grape juice use just one tablespoon of sugar for the first trial.

Pour mixture into clean glass bottles with tightly fitting lids. I recycle most times and just save the bottles from stores. If you have the flip top bottles that is great.

You’ll need one 32 oz. bottle or a few smaller bottles for fermenting this soda. If this is your first time, I'd use a few smaller bottles, you can open one in 12 hours, and one in 24 just to experiment with the difference.

If it goes beyond what you'd like to drink - ie - it tastes more like vinegar than soda ... don"t pour it out and exclaim failure... use it to make a probiotic salad dressing ... use it as you would a vinegar - this is a LIVE vinegar. Grape may not be the ideal but this will work especially if you use raspberries etc.

Place a tight lid on the bottles and allow them to ferment out of direct sunlight in a warm or room temperature spot in your home for approximately 12-24 hours.

If you see a white substance on it (this usually doesn't happen in a bottle) it is just yeast...

If this is your first time - be careful opening the bottles after the day or 2 of fermentation. Open it over a sink

This is a fun process that allows you to find the right conditions in your home and to experiment with flavors that you like.

The semi obvious is to use more ginger and sugar and make ginger ale.

You can also use this to make root beer and much more.

Chef Cathy Hohmeyer

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