Adirondack Fish Rosti - Signature Recipe & Video

It's Spring here in the Adirondacks, which means it's fishing season! We have one group of guys that just checked in who have been coming for over 26 years, and while they probably won't give you their secret fishing spots, I'm happy to provide you a recipe for when you have good fish!

Wild Caught Fish Rosti at Adirondack Alps Restaurant

Editor's note

Currently, it is spring - shall I say trying to be Spring, in the Adirondacks and I am getting calls about fishing.  In fact, one group of guys who just checked in have been here 26 years in a row! I doubt they will tell you their secret fishing spots, but here is a recipe for when you have any good fish…I usually use it with a flaky white type of fish.  In the restaurant, we use a wild caught pike when we can get it.

There many rosti type dishes out there, in fact, you might be interested in the “other” rostis that I offer – and get rave reviews whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's like a pizza only using potatoes and can be made gluten free etc with modifications. Top your hash brown like a pizza, add shredded cheese and you are good to go – check out my other post for the recipe.

That’s why I like this dish. It is quick, easy and unlimited in modifications.

THIS ONE, however, is where the fish is encased in a shredded potato “batter”. It’s like a crispy hash brown hiding a moist piece of fish inside.  I suppose you could actually make this vegetarian/vegan just by using a few slices of zucchini or other veggies in place of the fish. I tend to use wild-caught pike when I can get it – it fits my Adirondack Alps theme for my restaurant’s cuisine and is really a nice mild fish.  You can use any other white fish; my husband insists we could use salmon but I have another encrusted salmon I like and can’t seem to make myself try it with salmon.

You really need at least a potato and a half for each portion if you are using a modest size piece of fish to encase it well. So for some, it might be more potato than you want to eat but the presentation is awesome. Either don’t eat all the potato or do something funky like just encrust it on one side.

So How Do You Make It?

Check out our YouTube video below on how I make my Pike Rosti!

Tips & Tricks

Take a look at the recipe video.  In mixing the potatoes – use any spices you like. Either herbs, spices or herbs, and spices – the combinations are really unlimited. Go by taste and what you have.

This dish can also be gluten free, dairy free or egg free.  For gluten-free, just use any gluten-free flour. It is just a little to bind the egg and potato so feel free to modify.

For dairy-free, leave out the sour cream; for egg free use the egg substitute (powder) if you must.

As for the seasonings inside – I use a little pesto for the most part. But you can use fresh herbs and/or greens like spinach, beet greens or kale.  You can actually entomb the fish in greens and the fish does not blend into the potato.  The greens are also very pretty – a big splash of green when you cut it open to eat it or let them hang out a little bit.

So “Go Fish” and make an easy Rosti tonight instead of getting that fast food takeout!

Join me for simple nourishing dishes, tips and recipes like this in my Nutritional Energetics program.

See you there and stay nourished!

Chef Cathy

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