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Eat ADK Restaurant Week

May 4, 2019 5:00 PM


7:00 pm

May 8, 2019 7:00 PM


5:00 pm

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The area is celebrating local good eats, and we're a part of it! For special days, enjoy a $30 set-price menu from our Adirondack Alps Restaurant.

Celebrating the Good Eats in the Adirondacks

As a participating location Adirondack Restaurant week, we're offering a special $30 set-price menu! 

We will be open Saturday, May 4th, Sunday, May 5th, and Wednesday, May 8th.

Special Experiences

Add on to your Adirondack Restaurant week experience!

5:00 PM: History of Adirondack Food Cooking Demonstration

Enjoy a 30-minute cooking demonstration from Chef Cathy where you learn about the common roots of cornbread through our five eras of Adirondack Food. Learn how the Pioneers of the Adirondacks used to make their cornbread and taste its different variations throughout the eras. $15 per person. Please sign up when you make your dinner reservation.

5:30 PM: History of Beer Workshop & Tasting

I'll be bock - the world of May bocks and bock beer.

A 30-minute tasting and workshop from Ernest Hohmeyer where you learn about the history of beer while tasting six different beers from around the world. $20 per person. Please sign up when you make your dinner reservation.

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Eat ADK Menu

$30 set price menu. Includes nightly bread, salad, and choice of entrée. Reservations required.


Choice of:

Our Famous Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken is hand-cut, hand-pounded and then sautéed with herbs, spices, and fresh bread-crumbs. Includes your choice of topping.

Vegetable or Wurst Rosti

Potatoes are hand-shredded with herbs and natural spices, then sautéed until crisp. It is then topped with your choice of fresh vegetables or Wurst and finished with a local artisan cheese.

Local Spring Lamb Stew

Local lamb complete with Chef Cathy Hohmeyer’s nourishing broth, spices, vegetables, and Lodge Spaetzle.


Your choice of a freshly homemade dessert such as Peaches & Cream Strudel, Mountain Berry Pie, or Chocolate Mousse.

Menu is for sample purposes only.