A Writer’s Space: A Natural Writing Retreat in the “Healing Woods.”

May 27, 2022 3:00 PM


12:00 pm

May 29, 2022 12:00 PM


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May 27th-30th A Writer’s Space: A Natural Writing Retreat in the “Healing Woods.”

As writer’s we’ve been through our fair share of books, magazines and on-line workshops on honing our craft. Between trying to be the best writer we can be, and putting our best expressive selves out there with our jobs, family and other personal scenes, it's hard to find the time - and the right kind of revitalizing setting - to write or to step back, and re-energize!

The Writer’s Space is a weekend designed to do just that. It will not be filled with presentations, workshops, writing prompts and homework assignments. During meals, we’ll focus on you and simple ways you can “up your writer’s vibe” from understanding and enhancing your “energetic blueprint,” to fun, natural, creative stimulants such as matching the colors of food while composing the very different elements of a “hero’s journey,” to “writer’s block therapy!” (reset breath, qi chi, etc)

There will also be opportunities to meet and network with fellow writers. Thus, while you do not have to be a published writer, the Writer’s Space is meant for those with an active writing project.

It is designed to provide you with creative space, in the same vein that stimulated writers such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway and thinker’s such as James Russell Lowell, William James Stillman and Albert Einstein, the latter who visited Lake Clear. 

The Adirondacks has become a natural place for inspiration, Emerson writes ““The tempered light of the woods is like a perpetual morning and is stimulating and heroic.” Write or brainstorm in the same enlightening mountain-lake sunsets as he did, at the beach or on a paddle.

There are special rates for singles willing to share, as well as families who can hike and bike while you write!