May 2020: Special Statement

First, our family hopes this finds your family well and safe. We have always treated guests who come to the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat as if they were special friends visiting our home – as for 4 generations - this has been our home.

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Editor's note

As you would when friends or family visits your home, you strive to make them feel special…and comfortable. You bring out the best china and silverware, prepare signature dishes and ensure that everything is as clean as you can make it.

This has been our goal as well, as our family welcome yours, to go above and beyond.

We are striving to do the same with guidelines related to the current wellness environment. We are not only seeking to meet these guidelines but aim to exceed them as much as our resources practically allow.

In this light we are...

  • Monitoring the federal and state guidelines
  • Providing sanitation stations or materials in as many “touch points” as possible including our individual lodgings ranging from our private chalets and lake view suites, the 1886 Post Office Lobby, our Old-World Take-out & Food Hub, bike shed, canoe and kayak building, restrooms, etc.

And implementing new wellness and safety policies including:

  • Expanded online payment capabilities including receipts, to our food, beer and wine offerings. Now whether you are ordering take-out or eventually experiencing our event dining, you will be able to order online in advance including our unique experiential activities such as the History of Adirondack Food events, History of Beer Workshops or traditional foods and Nutritional Energetics demos and classes.
  • Expanded online experiences in including our famous beer workshops, cooking demos and classes as well as wellness programs such as our “Nutritional Energetics,” and “You & Your Business Wellness.”
  • Developed new experiences from “Take-home Dinner & Table Education Kits,” to Live Adirondack Creative Learning Series.
  • Creating an environment where the Old World Takeout & Food Hub, lodgings guests and, when the it can re-open, the Adirondack Alps restaurant are separated or restricted in number as much as feasible.
  • Family & staff interacting with our guests to wear the appropriate wellness equipment.
  • Expanded wellness training to all staff.
The Lodge will be announcing limited lodging availability in May, with a rolling reopening of full capacity of lodgings (depending on changing health regulations) starting June 1st. In the meantime, check out our NEW online takeout ordering and online classes!

As part of this, we will be announcing several discounted rates for our online takeout, including specials for essential workers. To not miss out, sign up for our newsletter!

What does all of this mean to you? Well, we’re excited about new experiences as well as a reinventing our timeless ones you have enjoyed for over 50 years. Our family appreciates your support; we hope to see you soon here at the Lake Clear Lodge.

- The Hohmeyer Family

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