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Musings from one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders – so much so it’s designated a United Nations biosphere.

A colorful sky behind the 1886 Main Lodge in the summer months, showing the rustic entrance and driveway to the Lake Clear Lodge.

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Musings from one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders – so much so it’s designated a United Nations biosphere, a wonderful area to a raise a family and one interesting business environment. On a cold and rainy shoulder season day I would call it challenging and on a sunny weekend – opportunistic!

We celebrated my Dad’s birthday at the end of May who incredibly passed over 17 years ago. It was also the day our family re-opened the Lodge 53 years ago. We were that typical family who came to the Adirondacks every year on vacation literally driving by to see the “For Sale” sign on the Lodge.

Ironic that my education and career was in sustainable development where they preach business and community planning. My Dad’s “business plan” was simply “Failure is not an option.” I never saw any marketing plan or financial projections. Like a true entrepreneur he was passionate about what they were doing and an unfailing believer –  namely in my Mom’s cooking. I remember him buying those bank bags – you know, the ones you see in all those old westerns with the train robberies – well he never used them. We learned quickly a unique Adirondack season – shoulder season - otherwise known as rain-out time as in cash raining out…

Here we are 53 years later and 3 generations in and my, has business changed. Phone calls are now tweets, brochure are now Instagram’s and customer interaction is more on-line than real time. Since my day job required me to keep up with trends, I came to find it fascinating and it always has been fun to put it into practice here at the Lodge. The trick is to, like our food, keep things fresh in customer’s minds (and palette!) while sticking to what you are good at and what you are known for.

3 Line Perspective - My Life as a Sustainable Development Facilitator: A New Idea
The further away from what you are known for, the closer the perception it’s a new venture.
The longer it takes to explain the new thing you are doing, the greater the potential for confusion.
Test it out loud: How does the new sound with the old when you’re talking? Seamless? Choppy?
In that flavor, we are excited to give a new twist to our Adirondack Alps restaurant:

History of Adirondack Food Dinner Event

With your own Adirondack culinary guide!

Due to the interest, we have expanded this event to be part of our weekly menu for summer and fall. On special evenings, you can enjoy in one evening a history of Adirondack food tasting. Your Adirondack culinary guide will meander you through a tasting journey celebrating the 5 eras of Adirondack food. 25 acres of tasting stations and guided sojourns. Meander and taste from an 1886 Adirondack lodge, to a lake-view Great Camp center, to breathtaking lake sunsets on our secluded beach. 5 eras and 5 courses. 12 months and 12 themes flavor this fun, interactive dinner event:

  • Cooking Demonstrations
  • Interpretive Culinary Guide
  • 5 Era Panel Exhibits featuring “What Was It Like,” “What Did They Use,” and “Common Roots.”
  • “Discovery Pass” to explore the longest continuing operating lodge in the Adirondack Park
  • Opportunity to Add-on a History of Beer Workshop or other special events.
  • History of Adirondack Food Kits with Recipes and “How-to’s”
  • Discount Pricing to the “Common Roots Cookbook”
  • Coupons to upcoming events and Old World Kitchen Store

How It Works

5 Eras 5 Courses: Guided Tour & Tasting: Meander with your own Adirondack Culinary Guide as they take you down the path of the History of Adirondack Food:

  • Native American
  • Pioneers
  • Cure Cottage Era
  • Grand Hotel Days
  • Adirondack Farm-to-Fork
  • Bonus: A sneak peek into tomorrow’s Super Foods!
3 Line Perspective - My Life as an Adirondack Entrepreneur: Connecting
A few of us gathered businesses from the Upper Saranac, Paul Smiths, St. Regis and Lake Clear area that frames NYS only wilderness canoe region. One major initiative was an application to NYS to develop a cuisine trail linking us to Saranac and Tupper Lake. Recently, we received our designation as the Adirondack Lakes Cuisine Trail!

Great Camp Dinners: 53 Years of a Culinary Tradition Continues

Begin in the Fireside Rathskeller, meander with drink in hand to our secluded beach on Lake Clear to immerse in a breathtaking sunset and then dinner in the main Lodge 1886 hand-hewn dining room.

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