135 Years Later: Stagecoach Rides Return to the Lake Clear Lodge!

Your own private stagecoach ride at sunset…Ride to our picturesque beach as the sun nestles over the St. Regis Mountain range, and then gallop back to an authentic Adirondack pioneering dinner. But what's the history behind it?

Percheron Draft Horses and an 1850s Henderson Stagecoach in front of the original 1886 Stagecoach barn.

Editor's note

Doesn’t that sound romantic, intimate, and fun?! And there may even be a robbery!

What? A robbery?!

Sounds like the Wild West, doesn’t it?

Except that in the blossoming wilderness days of the 1800’s Adirondacks, stagecoaches were the dominant form of transportation. The Lake Clear Lodge, being built-in 1886 and now the Adirondack Park’s longest operating Great Camp, was right in the middle of it!

The Restored 1850s Stagecoach at the Lake Clear Lodge Lakefront.
The Restored 1850s Stagecoach at the Lake Clear Lodge Lakefront.

Now you can ride once again on a beautifully restored Stagecoach led by majestic draft horses from Lucky Clover Farm. The same folks who provide lantern-lit sleigh rides at the Lodge in winter!

Start in front of the restored 1886 Barn that was once a horse and wagon livery as part of the Lodge stagecoach inn. Take a ride through our nature trails where you can see what we call our “Dragon Tree,” possibly the outgrowth of a Native American trail marker, a replica of a Bootlegger’s shack and wonderful quiet nature.

Beware though, you may be robbed!

Yes, even in the Adirondacks there was a famous stagecoach robbery! From our nature trails, Lucky Clover Farms will take you down to our beach as St. Regis Mountain offers a beckoning cradle for the setting sun.

It is inspiring and rejuvenating. Time for a moment seems to stand still. The Stagecoach and playful horses harkening back to a simpler era. If you haven’t already, check out our live webcam. We have been told it is one of the best mountain-lake sunsets in the world. What a great time for a picture memory.

Percheron Draft Horses Jasper & Fly from Lucky Clover Sleigh Rides with the 1850s Stagecoach in front of the 1886 Main Lodge.
Percheron Draft Horses Jasper & Fly from Lucky Clover Sleigh Rides with the 1850s Stagecoach in front of the 1886 Main Lodge.

From the beach, the stagecoach path takes you back to the Lodge

And where you began your journey at the 1886 Post Office lobby. Now though, your “Lodge mail” will have given you the password to enter the authentic 1920’s Speakeasy through the hidden door. There you can explore the hidden beer and wine cellar with the Adirondacks largest selection of craft import beers, sustainable and organic wines or Lodge Speakeasy spirits. There are original non-alcoholic choices as well like a Roy Rodgers or Native American White Pine Tea.

Peruse, or you can even pre-order, from a pioneer menu inspired by the original fare from Chef Cathy Fisher-Otis Hohmeyer’s family. Add-on to your evening’s fun with a History of Beer Tasting or Adirondack Pioneering & Traditional Foods Cooking Demos.

All told we are excited to bring back Cathy’s family's original roots and continue the tradition of the experiential nature of the quickly vanishing Adirondack Great Camps. So, come out while you can and our family will greet yours.

Check out our website for the latest schedule. Each season we have a theme and there is always something new and timeless at the Lodge.

1850s Stagecoach and Percheron Draft Horses Fly and Jasper at the Lake Clear Lodge Lakefront with a sunset view.
1850s Stagecoach and Percheron Draft Horses Fly and Jasper at the Lake Clear Lodge Lakefront with a sunset view.

A Special Summer Experience

As each season has a different theme we have moved from our Winter Speakeasy & Lantern-lit Sleigh Experience to our summer Lake Sunset, Stagecoach & Pioneer Dinner experience.

In this special summer experience you will receive:

  • Special Mail (email) to confirm your experience
  • Upon arriving at the 1800’s Post Office in the original lobby, you will receive your own “Pioneer Mailbox" with key. Inside will be mail about your evening.
  • Possibility of receiving a “gold-filled money bag”, but beware: you may be robbed on your stagecoach ride. There was a famous robbery in the Adirondacks in the 1800s you know!
  • A private, yes that’s right, a private Stagecoach ride!
  • An absolutely incredible lake sunset Stagecoach ride through our nature trails to one of the world’s most spectacular mountain-lake sunsets down at our beach on Lake Clear.
  • With your ticket, there will be a password to get in through the hidden door to the 1920’s Speakeasy. The Lodge was right in the middle of the hotbed of Adirondack bootlegger’s days. Our area was the major travel route to provide spirits to New York City!
  • Explore the hidden Beer & Wine Cellar with the Adirondacks largest selection of craft import beers.
  • Savor an authentic Pioneer Dinner inspired by the original lodge menu from Chef Cathy’s family who built the lodge in the 1800’s.
  • Enjoy your dinner in our 1886 Stagecoach Dining Room, or in a Great Camp Dinner basket inside the Lakeview Retreat Center or outside on the patio.
  • Finally, enjoy an experience that gives you an example of authentic 1800’s Adirondack life filled with incredible water and nature and an opportunity to take a breath, laugh, and reset.

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