A family cross-country skis at the Lake Clear Lodge from their lodging door toward the lake.

Things to Do in the Adirondacks

In the window of New York State's only Wilderness Canoe Region, four-seasons of Adirondack Discovery activities await.

Lake Clear Lodge Experiences

We are one of the last of the original Adirondack Great lodges open to the public. Great Camp experiences were to be more than renting a room or dining in a restaurant but an interconnected Adirondack immersion. Dinner at our Adirondack Alps Restaurant goes beyond the table to the meandering style of the Great Camp dining experience. You can enjoy the Fireside Speakeasy (you may need a password to get in!), History of Beer Workshops, traditional foods cooking demos, History of Adirondack Food tastings and a host of other fun, savory interactions await you.

Spring - Fall

All Year

A student makes paper at BluSeed Studios in Saranac Lake.

Adirondack Artisan in Residence Series

Have fun and unleash that dormant right side of your brain to reawaken your creative spirit! Designed to be just fun for all, young and old, no experience or some, as a way to reinvigorate your creative side to think out-of-the-box!

All Year

Craft beer by the fireplace in our Speakeasy Rathskeller

Fireside Chats

The Lodge is now the oldest operating family lodge in the 6 million acre Adirondack Park. Beginning in 1886 and spanning 4 generations, we have lived through the early pioneering days, the Cure Cottages period and the birth of the Grand Hotel era.

Spring - Fall

All Year

History of Adirondack Food Tasting Experience at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

History of Adirondack Food Tasting Experience

Savor the five eras of Adirondack Food, featuring the Pioneer era celebrating the origins of the Lodge as an 1800's Stagecoach Inn and Post Office. Cooking demos and stunning sunsets over Lake Clear await you.

All Year

Ernest Hohmeyer gives a presentation on the History of Beer in the Speakeasy Rathskeller while guests sample different beers from around the world.

History of Beer Workshop & Tasting

Each month there is a different theme! These 30-minute workshops include sampling six (6) different beers from around the world. Try some obscure and exotic beers while you explore the roots of different beers with beer historian Ernest Hohmeyer!

All Year

Cathy Hohmeyer giving a Nutritional Energetics Workshop

Introduction to Nutritional Energetics

It's not about diets anymore! It's about the quality of food you prepare, the vibe of the food you eat, and the properties of the food within. You will learn to enliven and energize your foods. Learn cutting-edge energetics and technologies.


All Year

Draft horses pull a hand-built sleigh on the Lake Clear Lodge's lantern-lit trails on a beautiful winter day.

Lantern-lit Sleigh Rides

Experience a magical lantern-lit Sleigh Ride on our property with Percheron Draft Horses from Lucky Clover Sleigh Rides. Experience books out fast; reserve separately or book a lodging today to secure your ticket.

All Year

Cooking Class at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Onsite & Online Cooking Classes

From 30-minute cooking demonstrations before you enjoy our Classic Dining experience to weekend-long culinary immersions in Traditional Food preparations & Nutritional Energetics.


All Year

Speakeasy Fun at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Speakeasy Dinner Experience

Explore one of the last original Adirondack Lodges with a 3-course Speakeasy Dinner. You'll need a password to get in, and we might even be raided by a 1920s Copper!

Spring - Fall

All Year

Guests' sit in an 1850s Henderson Stagecoach pulled by draft horses in front of the original 1886 Stagecoach Barn at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat.

Sunset Stagecoach Rides*

Ride in an authentic 1800’s stagecoach with Lucky Clover Farms and their magnificent draft horses through our nature trails and to the lakefront. Fall schedule: Saturdays only.

Spring - Fall

All Year

Adirondack Alps Dining Room at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Taste of Germany Dinner Experience

Our classic experience for over 50 years: more than just dinner. Explore one of the last original Adirondack Lodges with a Great Camp Dinner Experience.

All Year

Homemade Apple Strudel on a Rustic Wooden Plate with Fresh Apples Baked by Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer

Traditional Foods Cooking Demonstration

Join Chef Cathy for the evening’s specialized cooking demo. For 30 minutes, she will share one of the secrets of her Old World, Superfood philosophy, and open the door to her Nutritional Energetics program.

On-Property Activities

Besides our unique Great Camp Experiences, we are in the window of New York State's only Wilderness Canoe Region. Your lodging is our 25 acres where part of your amenities is an incredible swimming beach with one of the world's breathtaking mountain-lake sunsets, summer nature trails, and winter lantern-lit sleigh rides are just the beginning of our Adirondack Discovery Destination!


All Year

Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

With the growing popularity of our lantern-lit sleigh ride trails, two generations of family carefully designed a meandering cross country ski and snowshoe trail on our 25 acres.

All Year

Adirondack Fishing and Tackle Box in Lake Clear, NY

Fishing in the Adirondacks

Lake Clear has always been known as a fishing lake for all seasons, so much so that a lure is named after it: the Lake Clear Wobbler.

All Year

Trail hikers on a nature path

Hiking in the Adirondacks

We are in the midst of New York State's only Wilderness Canoe Region. From lakes, waters, and streams to berms and mountain ranges.

All Year

Aerial overview of the lake lawn at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Lake Clear Lodge Property

We are located on 25 acres with nature trails, secluded swimming beach, and one of the world's most spectacular mountain-lake sunsets.

Spring - Fall

All Year

Paddling in the Adirondacks and on Lake Clear

Paddling in the Adirondacks

Paddle on serene Lake Clear, or take one of thousands of paddling endeavors!

Spring - Fall

All Year

Road & Mountain Biking

The St. Regis Wilderness Region, 18,000 acres strong and home to 58 bodies of waters and endless mountains is a haven for cyclists – road and mountain – from the novice to the expert, from adults to children.

Area Attractions

Three generations have lived the Adirondack spirit and serve as your "Experience Guides." The uniqueness of the Lodge is that we can offer you a cosmopolitan experience: The world of New York State's only wilderness canoe region that is an 18,000-acre natural spa canvassed with 58 lakes and ponds. These "Great Woods" frame the Olympic, historical and natural beauty of nearby Lake Placid, Saranac Lake and Tupper Lake, which are quintessential Adirondack communities bustling with things to do. You can "Build Your Own Adirondack Discovery" or immerse yourself in one of our seasonal thematic experiences. You can bike to some, paddle to others and shuttle or drive to more. As the oldest operating Great Lodge in the 6 million acre Adirondack Park, we have built quite the list of diverse itineraries. Have something special in mind? Contact us directly. Discover your imagination!

Emerald Springs Ranch Horseback Riding

Emerald Springs Ranch

Journey through the Adirondack woods by horseback, just a few minutes down the road!

The Paul Smith's College Recreation Center Rock Wall

Paul Smith's College Activity Center

The recreation facilities at Paul Smith’s College are discounted for all Lodge guests: Pool, fitness center, dance room, large gymnasium, and rock wall.


Tuckers Farm Corn Maze

A family favorite! Try to find all the game pieces to build your map and locate the way out.

The Adirondack Carousel in Saranac Lake, NY

Adirondack Carousel

A unique Adirondack attraction celebrating old fashioned fun for all ages through entertainment, art, and education.


Paul Smith's College Visitor Interpretive Center

The PSC VIC is dedicated to fostering connections with nature by providing outdoor recreation opportunities, experiential education programs, and year-round art exhibitions.

Historic Saranac Lake Building

Historic Saranac Lake

Built in 1894, The Saranac Laboratory was the first lab built in the U.S. for the research of tuberculosis. HSL painstakingly restored the building and opened it as a museum.


Six Nations Indian Museum

The Six Nations Indian Museum provides for the viewing of 3000-plus artifacts with an emphasis on the culture of the Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy (Haudenosaunee).


The Wild Center

Ignite an enduring passion for the Adirondacks where people and nature can thrive together and set an example for the world.

Adirondack Flying Service

Adirondack Scenic Flights

You’ve never experienced the Adirondacks like this. Each 20-minute flight offers a unique perspective of this amazing park.

The Adirondack Sky Center & Observatory in Tupper Lake

Adirondack Sky Center & Observatory

Dark skies, high elevation and a group of motivated amateur astronomers comprise the perfect formula for enhancing one of the Adirondack’s top attractions: The stars.


Titus Mountain

In this modern era of mega-resorts and mega-prices, Titus Mountain Family Ski Center remains committed to welcoming all of our guests with a very special Snow Sports experience.

The Adirondack Museum (now Adirondack Experience) in Blue Mountain Lake

Adirondack Museum

The Adirondack Museum's 121 acre campus features displays in 24 buildings and 40,000 square feet of exhibitions. There are lush grounds and sweeping views.