A person reels in their fishing line from a canoe on Lake Clear in the Adirondacks, NY, as the sun sets on Saint Regis Mountain.

Fishing in the Adirondacks

Lake Clear has always been known as a fishing lake for all seasons, so much so that a lure is named after it: the Lake Clear Wobbler.

Within the heart of NYS only wilderness canoe region, there are 58 bodies of water, non-motorized and annually stocked.

Our lake property faces west into the St. Regis Mountain Range offering the most incredible sunsets anywhere in the world filled with the songs of our resident loons, the flight of our neighboring bald eagle and splashing, frolicking fish. Lake Clear has always been known as a fishing lake for all seasons so much so that a lure is named after it: the Lake Clear Wobbler.

The beauty of fishing here is you can enjoy some of the most diverse fishing experiences anywhere in the world and experience an immense range of outdoor and indoor activities at the same time:

  • You can fish in a motorboat
  • Hike to a quiet stocked pond
  • Mountain bike to a remote “hot spot”
  • Canoe and portage to several different bodies of water all with differing fishing experiences.

For 3 generations, our family has fished these waters – yet we have only scratched the surface of “spots” to experience.

Samples of Fishing Fun Right Outside Your Door

A Fishing Haven with over 58 lakes, ponds, and rivers in New York State’s only designated Wilderness Canoe region with over 86 different species of fish!

What follows is based on our personal experience with additional tips from guides Brian and Grace MacDonnell of Mac’s Canoe Outfitters (518) 891-1176, Matt and Corey Rothamel owners of Blue Line Sports Shop in Saranac Lake (518) 891- 4680 and technical references from Sportsman’s Connections Northeastern Adirondacks New York Fishing Map Guide covering Essex, Franklin and Clinton counties.

Always consult current statewide and site-specific regulations before fishing anywhere. Pay special attention to special restrictions related to ice fishing, bait, motor usage, etc. Any questions should be referred to the New York Department of Environmental Conservation or www.dec.state.ny.us. Other resources we have consulted include:

  • ADK Adirondack Canoe Waters North Flow by Paul Jamieson and Donald Morris.
  • Quiet Water Canoe Guide New York Appalachian Mountain Club by John Hayes and Alex Wilson

Many of the region’s waters are stocked each year. Our region has some of the most diverse fishing experiences anywhere in the world from canoeing right outside your lodging door to a “hot spot”, to portaging to several different bodies of water in just a few moments, bike or hike to a fishing spot or simply walk, drive or sit in your motorboat.

Some are remote and non-motorized, others have direct access to state boat launches. Experience it all! Check appropriate information, know the rules and be prepared for all kinds of weather and emergency situations. Cathy and I are foremost innkeepers and not licensed guides, ultimately it is your responsibility to be prepared and know the rules! Have fun!

Would you be interested in passing on your own experience? We are always looking to update our information – please email us!

Right On Our Shores at Lake Clear

Maximum depth is reported at 60ft with a mean depth of 28ft. with over 9.4 miles of shoreline and an inlet and outlet – to keep it Lake Clear! Lake Clear is also of interest as it the dividing line between those waters that head to the St. Lawrence River and those that go to Lake Champlain. We have found there to be 3-4 fishing “hotspots”. The first being to the immediate left of our beach and the second off to the right near a water weed bed. The third and fourth spots are near a drop-off across the lake and by the outlet. Species include largemouth bass, northern pike, brown trout, landlocked salmon, lake trout, bullhead, and yellow perch. A great variety for all members of the family and we have caught some large ones! Lake Clear is also a well-known ice fishing lake and you can tell because the locals use it with pike, salmon and trout caught regularly by those using tip-ups and our beach is one of the hotspots!

Lake Clear Outlet

With one of our canoes or kayaks, you paddle from our shore to Lake Clear Outlet as it winds its way to the Saranac chain of lakes and eventually Lake Champlain. Lake Clear Outlet has nearly 4.5 mi. of shoreline with a mean depth of 4 ft with northern pike, bullhead, pumpkin, sunfish, largemouth bass and yellow perch. It is also a frequent resting and hunting spot for our resident bald eagle!

North From Lake Clear Lodge: St. Regis Wilderness & Debar Wild Forest Area

Starting from the Lodge on the Adirondack Trail Route 30 – all within 15 minutes by car.

Deer River Flow

Fifteen minutes to the north from the Lake Clear Lodge with a shoreline length of over 9 miles and a mean depth of 4 ft. We have not fished here but it is reported by Sportsman’s Connections Northeastern Adirondacks New York Fishing Map Guide that species including northern pike, bullhead, rock bass, smallmouth bass, and yellow perch flourish here with apparently some large ones! There is a size limit of 10 HP on the lake. These waters to the north of Lake Clear flow are the watersheds for the St. Lawrence River.

Meacham Lake

Ten minutes away to the north of our Lodge.  Shore length is about 7 miles with a reported mean depth of 36ft. We took our motorboat here and saw northern pike, smallmouth bass, brown & brook trout, and landlocked salmon – unfortunately not all in our own boat! Stocked in past with brown trout and landlocked salmon and splake. Motorized boats allowed.

Lake Kushaqua

Osgood Pond

Jones Pond

Church Pond

Barnum Pond

Goose Pond

Rainbow Lake

Long Pond

Black Pond

Mountain Pond

Lower St Regis Lake

Upper St Regis Lake

Spitfire Lake

The Heart of the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness Area

Think those are enough fishing choices? Well, we are just getting started! While there are too many to enumerate on our web site, the heart of New York State’s only designated wilderness canoe area known as the St. Regis Wilderness is filled with body of water after body of water and you can portage through more than a dozen in a day if you plan your route correctly.

These waters are un-motorized with a varying degree of accessibility from state boat launches to over 1mi. of portages to remote sites. Sizes of these waters range from over 5mi. of shoreline to less than a mile with a great variety of depths and structure.

In general, these waters offer a large variety of fish including splake, brown trout, lake trout, bullhead, pumpkin, sunfish, salmon, smelt large and smallmouth bass, yellow perch, brook trout, white sucker, northern pike, rainbow trout, white and sunfish. Specifically what they offer, how you get to these waters and if they have been recently stocked, require an up-to-date map which can be obtained by contacting the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation or one of the reference sites discussed at the introduction.

Want to learn more? Visit us and check out our guest book for even more fishing details!

Saint Regis Pond

Upper Spectacle

Bear Pond

Little Long Pond

Roiley Pond

Grass Pond, Little Fish, Nellie, and Bessie

Lydia Pond

Little Long Pond and Fish

Kitfox, Clamshell & Ochre Ponds

Mud Pond, Ledge, East and Grass

Hoel Pond

Middle Pond

Little Polliwog Pond

Green Pond

Horseshoe Pond

Rat Pond

Polliwog Pond

Long Pond

Floodwood Pond

Would you believe us if we told you we have not even begun to describe the St. Regis Wilderness Area?

Fish Creek Pond Area

South on the Adirondack Trail Rt. 30 and all within 15 minutes from the Lodge.

Both inside and outside of the St. Regis Wilderness Area, the Fish Creek Pond area offers some of the most diverse fishing in the area. These waters are the dividing line between the headwaters of the St. Lawrence River and Lake Champlain. You can motorboat on some and share a community experience with other boaters to un-motorized and pristine spots.

You can fish in rivers, streams, ponds or lakes and sometimes experience it all in one trip. Typical of the region, some spots are easily accessible while others are remote. This area also offers some of the most diverse fish species and sizes in the region.

Square and Fish Creek Ponds

Follensby Clear Pond

East and West Pine Ponds

Rollins Pond

Whey Pond

Deer Pond

(Please Note There Are Two “Deer Ponds”)

Heavens Pond

Lead Pond, Dump and Black Ponds

Lake Fishing on the Saranac Chain of Lakes

All within 15 minutes of Lake Clear Lodge.

Fish on some of the largest lakes in the Adirondacks and yet experience their tributaries of rivers, streams, and ponds. An absolutely fabulous lake fishing experience with countless coves, bays, and islands – that you can hop aboard and enjoy land and the mountain vistas!

Lake Colby

Moose Pond

Upper Saranac Lake

Middle Saranac Lake

Lower Saranac Lake

Weller Pond

Oseetah Lake

Kiwassa Lake

First and Second Ponds

Lake Placid Lake and Tupper Lake

25 Minutes from the Lake Clear Lodge

Tupper Lake – Simon Pond – Raquette Pond

Stony Creek Ponds

Franklin Falls Pond

Lake Placid Lake

Activity Details

Please note that, while we do our best, information about area attractions may not be up to date. Always verify information and hours before visiting.

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