A partial solar eclipse as viewed from the Lake Clear Lodge.

Total Solar Eclipse April 2024

Apr 6, 2024 3:30 PM
Apr 9, 2024 11:00 AM
11:00 am
Apr 6, 2024 3:30 PM
Apr 9, 2024 11:00 AM
11:00 am

Join us for a special celebration as we taste, sip, and experience firsthand the dark skies of the Adirondacks, highlighted by being in the direct path of the 2024 total eclipse!

Enjoy an intimate, secluded eclipse viewing at our sunset-view beach, away from the crowds and complete with meals and special activities.

Eclipses throughout history have been more than mere astronomical phenomena; they have been pivotal moments intertwined with human beliefs, traditions, and governance. Celebrated as divine messages and revered as religious and political milestones, eclipses were occasions of both awe and apprehension. In ancient cultures, the significance of food and drink during these events was profound, with certain edibles being sanctified, reviled, or viewed as conduits between mortals and the celestial realms.

Ancient scholars, often esteemed clergy with multifaceted responsibilities, wielded their understanding of eclipses to validate or caution against societal actions. The outcomes of eclipses were perceived as omens, impacting agricultural yields, public health, and even the fortunes of nations at war. Whether a community faced prosperity or adversity, triumph or defeat, was believed to hinge upon their adherence to the perceived dictates of these celestial occurrences.

In ancient times, food and tonics were so much more than sustenance; they were monetary currency, vital trading commodities, had critical medicinal values, and they were indicators of social and political status.

Saturday, April 6th

Great Camp Dinner in our Adirondack Alps Restaurant

Relive the Adirondack Great Camps of the past in our 1886 Stagecoach Dining Room with its hand-hewn beams and authentic Adirondack Alps dinner.

Sunday, April 7th

Grab & Go Adirondack Alps Brunch

Pick up a special Adirondack Alps brunch and savor it in the comfort of your lodging. 

1920s Speakeasy Dinner Experience

Shh, you will need a password to get in through the secret door to an authentic and mysterious Adirondack Speakeasy–err, library!–with a hidden beer and wine cellar. Peruse our Best “Cellar” list, but watch out–a 1920s Copper may raid us! Complete your experience with a three-course Roaring ‘20s Dinner in the 1886 Dining Room.

Dark Skies Viewing with an Amateur Astronomer

Bring your binoculars or telescope and get a first-hand viewing of the dark skies of the Adirondacks. Join an amateur astronomer for a how-to and identification of the stars that light up the night sky! (Weather permitting).

Monday, April 8th

Grab & Go Adirondack Alps Brunch

Total Solar Eclipse Viewing

Watch the total solar eclipse from our mystical beach, one of three Great Camp Lawns, or the private deck of your artisan lodging (weather permitting, of course!).

  • Partial totality begins at 2:13:02 pm
  • Full totality begins at 3:25:07 pm
  • Maximum totality at 3:26:48 pm
  • Full totality ends at 3:28:29 pm
  • Partial totality ends at 4:36:43 pm

Myths, Legends & Rituals: Ancient Foods of the Eclipse Tasting Dinner

A unique History of Food Presentation: Food and drink were critical in rituals such as the mysterious eclipses, as certain kinds were anointed, despised, thought of as evil, or a way to connect humans with the earth and the heavens. In ancient times, they were so much more than sustenance; they were monetary currency, vital trading commodities, critical medicinal values, and indicated your social and political status. Foods and tonics of rituals, such as the eclipse, were signs that ultimately were used to rationalize actions that impacted the course of history. A five-course tasting dinner will highlight these examples with interactive discussion, cooking demonstrations, and trivia! This is a special presentation of the History of Food series we offer throughout the year.

Tuesday, April 9th

Grab & Go Adirondack Alps Brunch + Checkout

Your Destination Eclipse Stay Experience Includes

  • Two+ Nights in a Lake View Suite, Fireside Cabin, or Two-bedroom Chalet
  • Grab & Go Adirondack Alps Brunch Each Morning
  • Great Camp Dinner One Evening (Saturday)
  • 1920s Speakeasy Dinner One Evening (Sunday)
  • Ancient Foods of the Eclipse Tasting Dinner One Evening (Monday)

Add to the Mystery

Unlock Your Light to Self-Wellness: Ancient Practices with Today’s Applications to Self-Wellness through Energetics

Your body’s photons, or light energy, constantly send you monitoring signals on what is ailing it. We have forgotten or are unaware of these self-healing diagnostic signals. Learn easy ways to detect and monitor your body's bio codes, how your voice can speak for these wellness signals, and how nature's foods can provide appropriate energetic nutrition with clues, including their color and shape!

History of Tonics: Ancient Spirits of the Eclipse Tasting & Workshop

Sample 6 different tonics from ancient rituals. These tonics were so much more than what you drank; discover their mysteries and legends while you sip a taste!


Apr 6, 2024 3:30 PM
Apr 9, 2024 11:00 AM
11:00 am
Apr 6, 2024 3:30 PM
Apr 9, 2024 11:00 AM
11:00 am


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