Tasting Dinner at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

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Mother's Day Weekend Tasting Dinner

May 11, 2019 5:30 PM


7:30 pm

May 11, 2019 7:30 PM


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An Around the World Tasting Dinner for Mom! What would be a special Mother’s Day dinner from Germany? How about Poland? Russia?

Mother’s Day Weekend Tasting Dinner from Around the World

Sample from 133 years as the Lake Clear Lodge celebrates being the longest operating lodge in the Adirondack Park. We’ve brought out some of the original menus when the Lodge was a Stage Coach Inn in the 1800s pioneering days when it operated during the Cure Cottage days, and in the illustrious Grand Hotel era where, shh…it was a Speakeasy!

How does the tasting work?

The tasting dinner begins at 5:30 PM. Start the Around the World Mother’s Day sampling with appetizer bites in the Speakeasy Rathskeller, and then meander to the 1886 hand-hewn dining room where a tasting table awaits! Tasters may include Polish Perogi’s, Lodge famous schnitzels, and Black Forest Brownies. How about sampling a Russian Borst or Canadian ham? Adirondack Spring Lamb Stroganoff or Jewish palaptas (original potato pancakes)?

As you sample, learn the history of each dish, key recipes, and fun trivia!

Sample as little or as much as you like!

Is it fun for the whole family?

Of course! After all, three generations of family will be serving yours! If kids are not up for sampling, there is a special children’s menu available.

Add to the Fun

If the family is up for adding to the fun with Mom, join us for a special Cooking demo at 5:00 PM, where Mom and kids can roll in the dough and make a special dessert.

Limited seating, reservations please!