Upcoming Summer Experiences to Celebrate 136 Years

This summer, join us as we celebrate our 136th year! We have a variety of experiences planned that are new and timeless. Come for our Taste of Germany Experience Dinner, a Stagecoach & Old World Dinner, a Pioneer Wagon Ride & Pub Dinner, a History of Adirondack Food Tasting Experience, and more.

The sunsets over Lake Clear and St. Regis Mountain as viewed from the Lake Clear lodge lakefront.

Editor's note

  • Theme for Summer 2022: Throw away the keys and take in an Adirondack Great Camp world of destination experiences outdoors and in!

Wednesdays: Taste of Germany

To celebrate 56 years of Hohmeyer family ownership, we’ve researched the original menu and brought it back to savory delight! Chicken, veal, and Chef Cathy Hohmeyer’s unique Adirondack Alps Salmon Schnitzel highlight choices from Kassler Rippchen and Vegetable Strudel to our famous Old World desserts of Apple Strudel and German Chocolate Cake! Please note menus are subject to change; see our Adirondack Alps Restaurant for the most current info.

The Lake Clear Lodge Stagecoach and Lucky Clover Farm's Percheron Draft Horses Jasper and Fly pass in front of the Main Lodge sign: '"Inn' an era all its own."
The Lake Clear Lodge Stagecoach and Lucky Clover Farm's Percheron Draft Horses Jasper and Fly pass in front of the Main Lodge sign: '"Inn' an era all its own."

Fridays: Stagecoach, Speakeasy & Old World Foods!

We’ve unfurled our entire 25 acres, 136 years of history, and all of the Lodge in one night!

Yes, Cathy Fisher-Otis Hohmeyer, whose family built the Lodge in 1886 as a Stagecoach Inn, post office, and general store, has provided us a legacy, and 136 years later, we are honoring this with an authentic 1800s Stagecoach Ride through the woods to the beach at sunset! We’ve teamed up with Lucky Clover Farms, who provide the lantern-lit sleigh rides in winter, and their Percheron draft horses, Fly and Jasper, will guide you into the sunset.

Hang on, “partner,”  this is only the beginning.

Did you hide your belongings? This is the 1800s– you may be robbed on that Stagecoach!

Before that, start in our 1920s Speakeasy– I mean Adirondack “library.” Do you know where the hidden door is? A fun world awaits from exploring our Hidden Beer & Wine Cellar with the Adirondack's largest selection of beers ‘round-the-world’ to Prohibition “spirits,” Then, meander to our Lakeview Great Camp, take in an incredible mountain lake sunset and savor an authentic Old World culinary delight.

Saturdays: History of Adirondack Food Tasting

What a great way, in one night, to immerse yourself in learning about the history of the Adirondacks as you taste your way through the five culinary eras which defined it. From the Native American period and then the pioneer days to the era of the Cure Cottages and Great Camps, savor, explore and sense live Adirondack history. Interactive trivia, stories, cooking demos, and interpretive signs make the evening fun and interpretive. The story of the history of Adirondack food has primarily been an untold one, and collaborating with a host of organizations, including the Akwesasne Cultural Center, Adirondack Experience Museum, Adirondack Harvest, and a host of historical organizations, a savory initiative was born! Savor these different eras as you meander from the 1920s Speakeasy to the 1886 Stagecoach Dining Room.

Support Local Adirondack Farms

  • Enjoy fresh local products and purchase ready-to-go meals!

Wait that is just the beginning. Add this to Chef Cathy Hohmeyer’s famous Adirondack Alps cuisine, and now even when our restaurant is closed, you can pick up ready-to-go meals, soups, and desserts. Chef Cathy has been known to make incredible Old World bakery items as well! We have become an Adirondack Farm CSA, and fresh products are delivered every Thursday.

To make all of this happen, we’ve developed a Summer Stay, Sunset Swim, & Destination Experience.

Except for personal belongings, you won’t have to bring a thing or travel anywhere!

Select your unique artisan lodging from lake view suites to private chalets. Each package will include your opportunity to take in experiences depending on your time of stay, as well as exclusive use of our 25 acres with nature trails, picturesque beach, canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, and more.

See you soon in the iconic Adirondack Alps!

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