New & Timeless Experiences for Summer 2021

Lake Clear Lodge Sneak Peak Summer 2021

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This Summer 2021: 

Celebrating 135 years for the Lodge & 55 Years for the Hohmeyer Family!

And have we created diverse, new -  as well timeless -  experiences for you!

It is hard to believe, in 1886, 135 years ago, Cathy (Otis-Fisher) Hohmeyer’s family built the Lodge as a stagecoach inn, post office and trading post!

We are now the longest continuing operating Great Camp in the Adirondack Park - there is even a display about the Lodge at the Adirondack (Museum) Experience!

It is even more difficult for me to grasp, arriving in the Adirondacks as a very young boy with the first generation of Hohmeyers, all who were born in Europe. The Lodge was in rough shape when we arrived at the worst possible time, 4 days before Christmas in 1965. I remember my teeth chattering, it was so bitterly cold - and then we discovered they had not finished installing the heating system! In fact, that first winter, my parents, two sisters and me had to sleep in the Lobby as that at least had an antique cooking stove. I remember my mother going out to the snow banks with huge cooking pots and that is how we cooked and had hot water!   

And the Lodge needed so many renovations it took us 6 months to be able to open the doors. We did that on my Dad’s birthday, May 28th, 1966. So, starting in May, we are celebrating 55 years and now three generations of family operation!

You reap the rewards, as we continue to honor the Adirondack Great Camp tradition of providing unique experiences!

Experience the timeless:

  • Diverse lodgings spread out over our 25 acres from private chalets in the midst of our nature trails to lakeview suites.
  • One of the most picturesque mountain lake sunsets in the world which you can soak in from our beautiful beach.
  • A Password to get you into our 1920’s Speakeasy with hidden Beer & Wine Cellar and the Adirondacks largest selection of craft import beers and great choices of organic wines!
  • Great Camp culinary experiences in our 1886 Stagecoach dining room or our Lakeview Great Camp Center - or take one of our meals back to your cabin, or down to the beach at sunset...
  • Complimentary use of mountain bikes, canoes, kayaks and sup boards!
  • Add-on experiences from our famous History of Beer Workshops to traditional foods cooking demos
  • Abundance of activities in New York State’s only wilderness canoe region as well as nearby historic Saranac Lake (15 minutes), Lake Placid (25 minutes) and Tupper Lake (including the Wild Center, 25 minutes).

Soak in the New:        

  • Stagecoach Rides Return! Celebrate with us the Lodge beginnings with an authentic stagecoach built in the 1800’s about the same time as the Lodge! Ride with Lucky Clover Farms as they take you through our nature trails down to the beach led by majestic draft horses.
  • Themed culinary experiences ranging from Adirondack Stagecoach rides with Pioneering dinners to Taste of Germany and History of Adirondack Food Interpretive Tastings. 
  • Interactive involvement through energy-based wellness classes including “Understanding Your Energy Compass,” to Block Therapy and “Integrating a Holistic Wellness Life.”
  • Adirondack Artisan in Residence Series:“Awaken Your Creative Side.” Fun workshops for the family, couples or anyone interested in spurring your right brain to stimulate new perspectives while learning and doing something new. Our Adirondack Artisan-in-Residence offer opportunities from paper making to water coloring on the beach!
  • Expanded culinary opportunities including Take-out foods from the Old World Kitchen Store including ready-to-go meals you can take back to your cabin or down to the beach as well as farm-fresh products through our weekly CSA deliveries.

Our family looks forward to seeing yours where you discover our nature and reconnect with yours!



Q: Do restrictions still exist in the Adirondack Park due to the current wellness situation? 

A: Yes and they continue to change. There are still limitations regardless of whether you have been vaccinated or not. There are restrictions on group travel, limited restaurant occupancy and spacing. Before you book and again before you travel, please go to New York State’s web site for the most current information.

Q: Should we consider traveler’s insurance?

A: Yes. Please look into this. There are numerous options. Due to the current wellness environment and the restrictions placed on us in terms of limited occupancy and spacing, and on your end in case you cannot travel, traveler’s insurance may be a safeguard. We do not recommend any one insurance, please do your research and determine what best fits your needs. 

Q: What is your Cancellation Policy?

A: There is a full description on our booking engine. You cannot finalize your stay until you have read and signed the form. In a nutshell, due to the wellness environment, coupled with operating restrictions, the limited number of lodgings, and the popularity of our experiences, we have a policy, that to our understanding, makes you eligible for traveler’s insurance: 50% due upon booking which is refundable minus change fees prior to 30 days of your arrival date. Within 30 days of your arrival date, this becomes non-refundable. Within 7 days of your arrival, the remaining balance is taken and is non-refundable.

It is our understanding that all non-refundable deposits are eligible to be reimbursed by traveler’s insurance. All those that are refundable are not.

Q: What is included in the typical stay experience?

A: Use of our 25 acres with nature trails, picturesque beach, canoes, mountain bikes, kayaks, as well as the fun “Password” to access the 1920’s Speakeasy, hidden beer and wine cellar, our Lakeview Great Camp Center, and iconic main lodge. A culinary experience is also included ranging from Great Camp menus to fun Adirondack History of Food tastings. There is also an Old World Kitchen Store where you can purchase food items. Your experience package includes a daily allowance for Lodge sponsored activities such as these and more.

Q: Can I rent just a room?

A: Adirondack Great Camps were known for their experiences. Tucked away in the Great Woods and on the water, they were nature-based destinations where in one sense of place you could stay, discover our nature, reconnect with yours, and where culinary experiences highlighted local foods and spurred bonding with your family and comradery with others. Our minimum package includes a stay and culinary experience.

Q: Is the Adirondack Alps Restaurant open every day and is it only for lodging guests?

A: Yes, we are open to the public. For multiple generations, meals have been individually prepared by our family. Coupled with current occupancy restrictions, reservations are required. In addition, as one of the last original Adirondack Great Camps open to the public, we highlight the time honored tradition of culinary experiences. This summer for example, we offer authentic stagecoach rides with an Adirondack pioneering meal in the spirit of the original menu from Chef Cathy’s family who built the Lodge in 1886 as well as a “Taste of Germany” honoring Ernest Hohmeyer’s family.

We are not open every night. On other designated days (not all, we do have to rest you know!) our Old World Kitchen Store is open for limited hours with both ready-to-go meals and raw products as part of our weekly CSA. For the current seasonal schedule, please refer to our Adirondack Alps Restaurant pages.

Q: Are you open year round?

A: Yes. In addition to our Summer Woods & Water experiences, we offer a fall Adirondack Alps Harvest with haunted rides and in winter a Stay, Speakeasy & Sleigh adventure.

Q: Do you cater to groups?

A: Yes, though this world, and thus our offerings, seem to be constantly changing due to the wellness environment. Please see the “Occasions” tab for information on family and business retreats and weddings. Our suggestion would be to contact us directly.

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