Sat, Mar 18th, 2023: Leprechaun Hunt Sleigh Ride & Speakeasy Dinner!

Best snow of the winter! Last time this season for the Sleigh & Speakeasy! And wow, do we have a fun event planned!

Lauren from Lucky Clover Farm with her draft horses in St. Patrick's Day decorations.

Editor's note

Best snow of the winter!  Last time this season for the Sleigh & Speakeasy!

And wow! Do we have a fun event planned!

Join us this Saturday, March 18th, for a “Leprechaun Hunt Sleigh Ride & Speakeasy Dinner!”

If you think those 1920’s Coppers are a nuisance with their Speakeasy raids, now a Leprechaun has been spotted in our mysterious woods. Will they also show up at our 1920’s Speakeasy and discover the hidden beer and wine cellar?

The Coppers have gotten wind of this, and they will be on the lookout for those mischievous Speakeasy reveler’s mixed up with that leprechaun! Are you one of them?

But wait, the fun is only just beginning!

  • Begin with a special Leprechaun Hunt Sleigh with who else, but Lucky Clover Farms and their St. Patty Day dressed draft horses. On your ride through our mysterious woods,, the Leprechaun has 10 clues and you need to find them to win a prize!
  • Then, make sure you have the password to get through our hidden door to our Speakeasy, I mean Adirondack library, where you can order all kinds of drinks, ah…books. Explore the hidden beer and wine cellar with the Adirondacks largest selection of beers from-around-the-world!
  • Meander to our 1886 Stagecoach dining room for an Irish & Old World Pub Dinner.
  • Watch out though, we may be raided by those 1920 Coppers and they are seething green looking for that leprechaun… who by the way has been known to hide with you!

Add on to the fun with a History of Irish & Old World Beer Tasting!

So come out for a fun finale to our winter season. The snow is falling, temperatures are great, and the fun awaits!

Tickets are limited, and you can reserve online. There, you can pick your time and the experience.

If you have any questions, you can email us at or call 518-891-1489.

See you on Saturday, March 18th!

Hey, is that the leprechaun I see or the Copper?!

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