Fall Oktoberfest Offerings 2022

Offering Oktoberfest dinners, Wagon Rides, Haunted Woods Event

Authentic german food.

Editor's note

Celebrating Fall Foliage, History of Octoberfest & Haunted Woods

Throughout October, 3 generations of the Hohmeyer family at the Lake Clear Lodge are celebrating their history, fall foliage and History of Octoberfest with a series of events in cooperation with several area businesses. From corn mazes, sunset stagecoach rides and History of Octoberfest Beers to Tastes of Germany and cooking demos, there is something for the culinary enthusiast to fall foliage adventurers. This is all capped off by a Haunted Woods Weekend with ghoulish dinners!

As the longest continuing operating great camp open to the public, the Lake Clear Lodge is celebrating its history as an 1886 Stagecoach inn with sunset stagecoach rides, throughout the fall, with Lucky Clover Farm. Ride in an authentic 1800’s stagecoach through the woods to the beach and experience breathtaking fall colors at our beach at sunset.

Throughout the foliage season, the Hohmeyer family is celebrating their Old World roots with a “Taste of Germany” menu sprinkled in with several special events.

On Sunday, October 9th, there will be a special “Myths & History of Octoberfest Food Tasting.” Is Munich the only place that celebrates Octoberfest? Are staple dishes and beer the same throughout the regions of Germany? Sample 5 regional tasting courses with 2 special presentations and cooking demos. Add on a sunset stagecoach ride and a fun History of Octoberfest Beer workshop.

Join us for a “Corn Maze, Haunted Woods, and Ghoulish Dinner,” on Friday and Saturday October 21st and 22nd as we team up with several Adirondack businesses to celebrate Halloween. 1 ticket gets you to 2 historic venues, and 3 fun experiences.

Begin at the Tucker Farm Corn Maze, which every year has a new design. Then travel a short distance to the historic Lake Clear Lodge where you can experience a haunted ride with Lucky Clover Farm and their majestic draft horses as they drop you off in the middle of the woods. From there, you will have to travel the haunted woods to get your treat, or is that trick, ghoulish dinner!

Space is limited, tickets must be purchased before the event, and you can reserve online.

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