Wellness Dates posted for 2022! Tell your friends and save the date!

The Adirondacks have always been called the “Healing Woods”! Add to this a unique opportunity to take a look at wellness from 9 different “dimensions”. Each program is uniquely designed to offer a different aspect and approach to your multidimensional self.

Nourish Your Multi Dimensional body.

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Wellness Dates posted for 2022! Tell your friends and Save the date!!

The Adirondacks have always been called the “Healing Woods”!  Add to this a unique opportunity to take a look at wellness from 9 different “dimensions”. We know there is more to health than what we have seen in the past. Discover your wellness dimension and feel the Healing power of Nature.  

Explore with a few others or book your own personal space and place.  Real foods with local ingredients, cooking classes, intro to energetics or advanced classes, to Block Therapy for fascia..... you can even learn how to “up your Life Force” with Qi Gong. Cathy is also a BioAcoustics Sound Research Practitioner - discover how your voice can give you "sound" information about your wellbeing.  Come explore, have fun and discover your healing space. Each program is uniquely designed to offer a different aspect and approach to your multidimensional self.

Nutritional Energetics for  2022 -more will be added so check back frequently


Nurture YOUR Nature

The body renews its own cells every day - 98% in less than 365days. They make what is you through a multitude of networks including physical,sensory, electrical and energetic pathways that connect your mind, body andspirit. To nurture this energy requires a holistic, multidimensionalapproach. 

Welcome to the natural, multifaceted world of nourishing YOU through the 9 levels of Nutritional Energetics.


What Can This Mean for YOU?

To discover, maintain and energize your multidimensionalblueprint. This is done through an integrative approach of real time immersionsat the energetic portal of the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat, on-line, andonsite one-on-one experiences. We welcome those seeking an introduction orinterested in holistic immersions. From 15 minute videos and attending a 30minute workshop while you are vacationing with us to day programs and 5 dayretreats, wellness is our nature and nourishing yours has three integrablepathways:


  1. Culinary     Naturopathy

Taste Natural &Traditional Foods that maximizes their nutritional density. From understandingthe 11 Common Denominators to 5 Wellness Essentials For Your Home Kitchen, fun30 minute cooking demos, weekend culinary programs and on-line videos are yoursto explore. Savor the 8 culinary seasons in a fun, interactive and simple way.

For Those Who?

·       Are  interested inadding to their wellness culinary toolbox

·       Want to Learn simple andeasy ways to cook well

·       Are adding other“dimensions”  to their culinary menu

Re-imagining Food (as Your Multidimensional Source of Energy)


If we are of mind, bodyand spirit then all of it has to be fed to nurture us. Food wellness has oftenbeen limited to our physical state. How do we enhance its energy to up our mindand spiritual vibe? From the importance of the colors of food to essential oilsand from rethinking food preparation by magnifying its multifaceted properties,to an introduction to your energetic blueprint, reimagine what food can be!


For Those Who?

·       Are seeking to explore food as a multidimensional source of energy

·       Want to add culinary techniques to Up the Vibe of Food

·       Are Interested in the introduction to  Nutritional Energetics

Nutritional Energetics


From discovering the levels of your Energetic Blueprint to understanding your Ancient Biocodes that are meant to keep you well, we explore the 9 levels of natural nourishment of your multidimensional body. From discovering a level of your health from BioAcoustics, to working with your fascia with Block Therapy, The Chakras &Frequencies of Food, to balancing your meridians with  Lifewave Patches – enjoy a sample of nurturing your nature with what resonates with you! See the calendar below for seasonal on-line and real time experiences. 


For Those Who?

·       Are Interested in the natural nourishment of your mind, body and soul.

·       Want to Learn new and ancient ways to understand your energetic blueprint

·       Have an interest in exploring energetic techniques at home or during a guided retreat.

                                see Cathy's personal site at www.nourishing9d.com

Note to Practitioners

Are you a Practitioner? Do you know a practitioner looking for a retreat site??  This property is a great place to have your first or tenth retreat. Partner with Cathy and her team or take advantage of the unique background for a life changing experience for your client.  Call Cathy or Ernest at (518)891-1489.

 Notes to Families, Homeschoolers* and Small groups

Book a 3-7 day getaway and work with Lake Clear Lodge to Build Your Own Learning Getaway

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