A Natural Path to Holistic Wellness Retreat June 2024

Choosing your Path leading to Energy and Balance

recognize the amazingness of knowing thyself thru frequency

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A Natural Path to Holistic Wellness

You might think tourism or timber was the oldest economies here but in fact it was wellness, so much so, our local area became known as the “Healing Woods.”

Our imagination can paint idyllic worlds we can see and feel. It stirs our emotions and can affect all parts of our essence.

Our toes welcoming warm water, sends this feeling through our body which basks our spirit.

We exist as an inter-connected creation of mind, body and spirit. 

Stubbing your toe can affect your spirit and stress can influence your ability to eat and digest.

Are there pathways to restore these multidimensional imbalances? While we seek to remedy one, can we help the other? By addressing both, will that lead to more sustainable wellness?  While we seek to reduce stress, can we enhance our appetite? In fact, can food be an energetic source to alleviate stress?

Everything within us and around us has an energetic connectivity. 

It's how our mind, body and spirit communicate and they do so in a multi-faceted way - through frequency, nature and food.

They are communicating with you - right now - giving you the signs on what is unbalanced and how to correct it.

We possess hidden self-diagnostic capabilities. 

We begin by understanding how everything around us has an energetic frequency from the food we eat to the state of our spirit. 

We do this based on ancient practices with modern influences where this multidimensional awareness was a natural way to look at self-healing. 

This goal to achieve balance is so important in today’s fast paced world.

We live differently now, where our mind, body and spirit are constantly bombarded in a multi-faceted way requiring a multidimensional approach that seeks to keep us balanced.

Nutritional Energetics is based on the 9 dimensions of our self-diagnostic center that illuminates the state of our energetic balance. Once we understand how, we can maximize the energetic remedies found in the frequencies that exist all around us.

Join us for a holistic health weekend: Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit: 9 Pathways to a Healthy Balance, May 3rd - 5th and again on June 7th-9th. Come for the weekend immersion, or choose a one night stay or day visit. To find out more or to book on-line go to

Other 2024 Healing Woods events include:

  • Traditional Foods Weekend: Myths & History of Octoberfest Foods September 6th-8th and 13th-15th
  • Medieval Foods Weekend September 20th-22nd
  • Holistic Health Weekend September 27th-29th
  • Cosmic Kitchen: Energetics of the Colors of Food
  • History of Food Celebration: October 11th-14th

To find out more and to learn about current programs, please see our website https://www.lakeclearlodge.com/healing-woods-escapes. Not sure what path is the one for you, please contact us directly for more information or a private consultation.

All of this takes place in what became known as the “Healing Woods,” as well as a United Nations biosphere whose extraordinary sense of place is an incredible portal to disconnect to reconnect with generational family crafted lodgings set amidst 25-acres of nature trails, one of the world’s most amazing mountain-lake sunsets, culinary naturopathy foods and fun, interactive experiences from History of Food dinners to lantern-lit sleigh rides.

White Pine Mint Tea Recipe

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Prep Time
5 Minutes
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Cook Time
5 Minutes
Fork and Knife
4 People


  • Approx 2 cups of white pine needles
  • Approx 1/4 cup mint leaves
  • Approx 5 cups of water


The Adirondack white pine tree offers a wealth of health year-round.

  1. Just thank a pine tree for a handful of pine needles and then go and make some tea!
  2. You can clip them up or gently toss them into a pot of simmering water.
  3. Add some mint from the garden (or a tea bag) and simmer gently.

I usually use a ratio of ¾ needles to ¼ mint leaves - then simmer to make it “light” or more concentrated. Add some honey or maple syrup for a little sweetener, and voila! You have the most refreshing tea that is great for the respiratory system—the best thing to do as we go into fall and winter.

Pine tea offers a vitamin C and A boost and is good for the respiratory system. Apparently, Taoist priests drank pine needle tea to help them live longer. Research shows that pine needle tea can actually help slow the aging process!

Want to know about the "honey number?" Inquire about my Cosmic Kitchen "energetic recipes" within my Nutritional Energetics program.