Sunsets in the Adirondack Healing Woods at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Reset in Our Adirondack
"Healing Woods"

Discover our nature and re-connect with yours.

Re-calibrate & Reconnect

Over 130 years and 4 generations of hospitality in one of the world’s highly regarded natural sanctuaries that became known as the “Healing Woods” have created a sense of place where“re-calibrating” and re-connecting has become our natural and human nature.

These natural tonics became one of our region’s most ancient attractions accented during the late 1800’s Cure Cottage Days and steeped in the therapeutic properties of our pine and balsam earthed in New York State's only designated wilderness canoe region. Lake Clear itself, a natural monument where Adirondack waters flow north to Canada and east to Lake Champlain. Our 25 acres a historic and natural gathering place, a National Geographic Traveler award for “Keeping a sense of place.” The Lodge itself beginning as a stagecoach inn, a Cure Cottage resort and an illustrious speakeasy in its history as now the Adirondacks longest operating Great Lodge.

Create Your Own Connection

The "Healing Woods" was a holistic spirit of our natural wonders, and generations of healers who did not consider themselves as such performing as cooks, teachers, shop owners and so many more who intrinsically knew they were important Adirondack guides to your rejuvenating experience as part of the "curing community." 4 generations embedded, our family sprinkles this in from the traditional pioneer foods from Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer’s family who originally built the Lodge, to her own signature work in nutritional energetics. Add to these ingredients, Ernest’s Old-World family and his nationally awarded work in the sustainability of the Adirondack Park, and you sense the ambiance of natural wellness. A sense of place where you can discover our nature and re-connect with yours.

You can simply immerse in New York State's only wilderness canoe region – a four season spa from paddling and swimming to skiing and lantern-lit sleigh rides and take-in an inspiring mountain lake sunset from our picturesque beach. Enjoy our Fireside Speakeasy, savor event dining in the 1886 Stagecoach dining room or take a Great Camp picnic basket down to the beach or your own cabin, just as they did in the Cure Cottage days. Have fun with History of Beer Workshops or tasting journeys with our Adirondack History of Food dinner events.

Add to the heart of the Adirondack Great Camp experience and that was to breathe, taste and soak-in the tonics of the “Healing Woods.”

Begin the journey with a few, short, personal or family “re-set” immersions while on vacation. From Adirondack Creative Learning Workshops with local artists and family fun "Roll-in-the-Natural Dough" demos, to an Introduction to “Nutritional Energetics,” or the latest on “Superfoods.”

Or breathe in a more formal weekend with our seasonal Adirondack Discovery experiences or our Adirondack Retreats.

Spring Cooking and Culinary Getaways
Essentials of Wellness Cooking
  • 10 Essentials of a Wellness Kitchen
  • Introduction to Nutritional Energetics
Summer Getaway & Experience Packages
How To Connect Food & Your Energetic Blueprint
  • The Importance of Colors of Food
  • Nourishing Your Multi-dimensional Body
Fall Foliage Activity Packages
Up Your Vibe: Nutritional Energetics
  • Using Light & Sound to Energize the World Around You
  • Advanced Energetics Tools from German New Medicine to Lightwave Patches
Energetic Tools
  • Biowell
  • Lightwave Patches
  • Block Therapy
  • Digital Classes

Upcoming Wellness Events

Throughout the year, we have many different wellness retreats and events. See what's coming up below!


Rejuvenation Getaway for Caregivers and Practitioners

The key to help others is to take time to help yourself keep strong.


Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body

The week long course - apply for your Nutritional Energetics certificate

Nutritional Energetics

Welcome then to the heart of wellness programs founded by Chef Cathy Hohmeyer, called “nutritional energetics.” It simply suggests each of us has an energetic blueprint that also needs to be fed and healthy. How do you that? What is it? Do we need to rethink food and cooking? From understanding the importance of the colors of food to re-connecting your human biofield, we offer introductory and advanced programs.

Spring Cooking and Culinary Getaways
Spring Healing Woods Festival

Date TBD.

Summer Getaway & Experience Packages
Fall Nutritional Energetics Institute

First week of November! More information coming soon.

Challenging Times: Up Your Vibe. A Special Opportunity

These challenging times have put a new series of challenges and stress on our lives. You have a unique“re-set” opportunity at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat and that is to combine our ancient Healing Woods traditions with 21st C science. We believe there is a magic here, a natural gathering place where the Native Americans found it went beyond the air and mountain majesty to the therapeutic qualities of the white pine and balsam. Later, the pioneers called it the “Healing Woods.” This ancient thinking now being revived also included the thought we are more than just physical beings. Einstein, who once stood on our very pristine beach where you can too, once said “I like to experience the universe as one harmonious whole.  Every cell has life.  Matter, too, has life; it is energy solidified.”

Chef Cathy Hohmeyer, who is also an occupational therapist, has created a unique re-set guide called “nutritional energetics.” It simply suggests each of us has an energetic blueprint that also needs to be fed and be healthy. How do you that? What is it? Do we need to rethink food and cooking?

From understanding the importance of the colors of food to re-connecting your human bio field, we offer introductory and advanced experiences.

These are just a few examples of the multi-dimensional and sensory filled opportunities you can do with friends, families or week-long personal immersions. For the latest, please see our calendar. If it may be a bit before you visit, please see our on-line programs.

What is Nutritional Energetics: A New Look @ Nourishing Mind, Body & Spirit

Nutritional Energetics begins with redefining food, and cooking by understanding the energetics of your “human biofield” and what it can do to increase your “Energy Income,” Energy Strength”and “Energy Flow.”

From basic wellness cooking tips such as“10 Essentials Every Wellness Kitchen Should Have,” “Nourishing Foods Made Simple,” “Cooking Well – Once – for the Week,” and “Wellness Cooking on a Budget,” are introductory, fun, and interactive.

Advanced offerings include“Understanding the Energetics of Food,” to “Maximizing Your Energetic Blueprint,” and “How to Monitor Your Multi-Dimensional Body.”

We offer these in two (2) unique ways:

Day workshops and weekend getaways here at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat. 25-acres of spread-out individual artisan lodgings built by 4 generations of family, centered by one of the world’s most prolific and picturesque mountain-lake sunsets that some have called a portal. Savor Chef Cathy Hohmeyer’s signature cuisine in the authentic and fun atmosphere of our 1886 Stagecoach Dining Room to a real life 1920’s Speakeasy. Lantern-lit Sleigh rides, paddles in New York State's only wilderness canoe region highlight the holistic experience of our Healing Woods.

On-line – with a unique twist.

These are not ordinary programs. Yes, there are traditional options. There are also "Energetics & Food Kits." Here, you participate with Chef Cathy & her team directly. In addition to interactive chats, you can cook and spirit away! In addition to providing workshop or class material in advance, we will also give you a shopping list (to include natural elixirs from the Lodge’s famous hidden Beer & Wine Cellar), a list of cooking utensils so there is an instant camaraderie, and of course a tasty treat as you explore Cathy's unique energetic topics! It brings a fun catalyst to Mind, Body & Spirit!