Spring Getaways in the Adirondacks

Close your eyes, can you sense Adirondack nature reawakening? Spring has sprung and what a wonderful time to begin anew with our Adirondack nature.

Explore & Experience

We are called the “Healing Woods” and wellness is as natural as the mountain ranges and as ancient as the first indigenous peoples that found something spiritual and energetic here. Our portal attracting people from all walks of life during the Cure Cottage days brought a diversity as rich as our flora and fauna, making this a special place of holistic healing and rejuvenation. The concept of helping others, critical to providing a pathway for recovery as well as your survival is a legacy as innate as the therapeutic quality of our air, water, balsam, and pine. It’s not just a thing we do; it is in generations of our DNA that began when Cathy’s family built the Lodge in the 1800s to her current groundbreaking work in “nutritional energetics.”

Reset Your Internal Clocks as You Feel the Adirondacks Reawakening!

The diversity of Adirondack life quietly plays with you: from incredible spring cross-country skiing or snowshoeing on our lantern-lit trails to being an early bird for paddling, hiking, and biking in New York State’s only wilderness canoe region. Book one of our spring getaways to become rejuvenated through the reawakening Adirondack life. Simply escape and relax with our Cabin Fever Getaways, have fun with History of Beer workshops or take in one of our many spring culinary and wellness experiences from Adirondack Maple Syrup explorations to Healing Woods Weekends. It’s a beautiful time to be with our nature while you re-connect with yours.

“I’ll be Bock” Special Spring History of Beer & Wine Workshops & Tastings

Featuring May bocks and May wines.

Over 2 miles of cross-country ski and snowshoe trails.
Cross-country ski and snowshoeing trails at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat.

Convergence of Wellness Weekends

Led by Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer and her groundbreaking work in nutritional energetics. Re-seed your menu at home with a wide variety of ideas from cooking with grass-fed meats to vegetable stocks and essential oils. Take the next step and up the vibe of your food by learning about the importance of understanding the color of food to increase the nutrient density of your meals. Add to the experience through special guests who provide workshops from energetic wellness to understanding your emotion code.

May Healing Woods Festival

A 3-5 day intensive experience where the Adirondacks as the Healing Woods and the Lodge as a Cure Cottage come together with the new energy of Adirondack spring to provide a fun, educational and interactive experience. It is a holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit that combines outdoor immersions with indoor interactions. From paddling the new waters of spring, to hiking among the new seedlings of life, it can provide a way to reset your internal clock. Throughout the many wellness venues on our 25-acre estate, from a secluded beach and our Lakeview Retreat Center to the fun camaraderie building spaces of our Fireside Speakeasy and 1886 hand-hewn dining room, you can explore a diverse world of workshops. “Upping the Vibe of Your Food,” “Introduction to the World of Energetics,” “10 Essentials Every Wellness Kitchen Should Have,” "Your Emotion Code,” and “Understanding Your Body Blue Print,” are just a sample of our nature-based holistic offerings!

Add-on with Special Spring Experiences

  • World of Maple Syrup: from boiling to Mystery Elixirs
  • History of Adirondack Food Spring Tasting Events
  • Special Mother and Father's Day Weekend Experiences
  • Creative Learning Workshops from water coloring to rustic furniture

Spring Event Calendar


Total Solar Eclipse April 2024

We are are in the path to experience the Total Solar Eclipse April 8, 2024. Booking link coming soon. Email for pre link info to save your lodging.