Adirondack Alps Experience Dinners

The 1886 Stagecoach Dining Room at the Adirondack Alps Restaurant. Beautiful Adirondack Decor highlight original Great Camp design.

A Great Camp Tradition

  • For nearly 140 years and 4 generations, our Great Camp experiences have been so much more than just food. They are part of an experiential destination tucked away in the Healing Woods and on the water.
  • In this spirit, our experiences are intimately interactive ranging from Great Camp Dinners to our fun and savory Tasting Dinners.
  • Your table is our 25-acres. Enjoy our 1886 Stagecoach Dining Room or Lake View Great Camp with outdoor patio.
  • Add to the fun by exploring our 1920s Speakeasy with hidden Beer & Wine Cellar or immersing yourself in a History of Beer Tasting.
Sunset Stagecoach Ride at the Lake Clear Lodge. A Henderson stagecoach is pulled by Percheron Draft Horses at the Private Beach at the Lake Clear Lodge. Guests enjoy a sunset view from inside the stagecoach.
Ernest Hohmeyer gives a History of Beer Tasting and Workshop to guests at the Lake Clear Lodge in the Speakeasy Rathskeller.
Chicken Schnitzel with Spaetzle Noodles at the Adirondack Alps Restaurant at the Lake Clear Lodge.

Our Cuisine

We focus on a 100-mile product philosophy based on Chef Cathy's pioneer family who originally built the lodge in 1886. We fuse this with the Old World traditions of Ernest's European family, who bought the Lodge almost 60 years ago.

Reservations & Schedule

Reservations or sign up required for all experiences; view our full schedule below.

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