The lake view patio at the Retreat Center.
The Lake View Great Camp dining room during the summer with hand-crafted tables and chairs.
A hand-crafted Adirondack table set for the Lake View Bistro Dinner.
1920s Speakeasy with hand-crafted chairs.
Hand-crafted Wine & Beer Cellar with over 250 wines and the Adirondack's largest selection of craft-import beers.
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Speakeasy & Old World Bistro

Reimagine yourself in Adirondack life and history; explore a 1920s Speakeasy ('ll need the password to get in) and savor dinner overlooking the Saint Regis Mountain Range and Lake Clear.

Live Adirondack History

In one evening, you can explore the Adirondack life of the pioneers; imagine yourself as a Speakeasy patron and an Adirondack Great Camp guest as you savor dinner overlooking one of the most spectacular lake sunsets in the world. Come just for the Old World Bistro or immerse yourself in a disappearing Adirondack experience.

The sunset over Saint Regis Mountain as seen from the Lake View Great Camp patio.

European Cuisine, Local Adirondack Flair

We fuse an 100-mile farm-to-fork culinary focus with Old World imagination. Chef Cathy Hohmeyer's family originally built the Lake Clear Lodge in 1886, sold it, and eventually Ernest Hohmeyer's European family purchased it nearly 80 years later.

We honor the timeless practices of local ingredients, slow cooking, vegetable stocks, bone broths, essential oils, and natural herbs and spices. This is all a part of the essences that are drawn from the hands of four-generations that continue to hand-cut the stocks, stir the slow roasts, and bake artisan desserts with imaginative recipes from a fusion of the Old World and Adirondacks.

Add On to the Fun!

Add to your experience with our nightly workshops and demonstrations.

History of Old World Beer Workshop & Tasting

Join Ernest Hohmeyer for a 30-minute experience about the history of beer, replete with a tasting of 6 beers from around the world! The topic changes monthly, corresponding with seasonal beers and trends, but you can always count on interesting conversation and tasty beverages.

Reserve Your Experience

Use the form below to get started with your reservation! Please keep in mind that our experiences are limited. If you are interested, we recommend reserving today!

Lake View Old World Bistro Reservations

Our Old World Bistro Dinner Experience is available on Saturdays in July and August; add to your experience with a horse-drawn, Specialty Stagecoach Ride!

What's included

  • The Secret Password to our 1920s Speakeasy "Library."
  • Ability to browse our Hidden Beer & Wine Cellar; over 250 wines and the Adirondack's largest selection of craft-import beers.
  • Dine in the Lake View Great Camp that over looks the sunset, Lake Clear, and the Saint Regis Mountain Range.
  • Nightly, fresh-stock soup, from a creamy garden-tomato basil to our famous bone-broth chicken.
  • Choice of main entrée, with the chef's nightly accompaniments.
  • Seasonal Adirondack Alps Dessert, from a Zesty Lemon Bar to a Black Forest Brownie.
  • Choose to add-on an appetizer in the 1920s Speakeasy.

Old Wolrd Bistro Dinner Pricing


This experience is available July through August; we'll see you next summer!