The 1886 Stagecoach Dining Room at the Adirondack Alps Restaurant.
Homemade Pflaumenkuchen mit Streuseln (Plum Cake with Streusel) at the Adirondack Alps Restaurant with fresh plums and homemade whipped cream.
The hand-crafted beer cellar with the Adirondack's largest selection of craft-import and German beers.
1920s Speakeasy with hidden compartment tables and immense stone fireplace.
A table setting in the Stagecoach Dining Room with artisan plateware and glassware.
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Adirondack Alps Dinner Experience

Our classic experience for over 50 years: more than just dinner.
Explore one of the last original Adirondack Lodges with 1920s Speakeasy. You'll need the password to get in!

Entrance to the Great Camp Wine & Beer Cellar.

Experience the Great Camp Wonder

Begin your journey in one of the last of its kind: an original Adirondack lodge. Become inspired with an optional 30 minute Old World Cooking Demo or History of Beer Workshop. Explore a USA TODAY featured Beer & Wine Cellar, fireside Speakeasy and, with glass in hand, meander to our 1886 hand-hewn dining room where a Farm-to-fork inspired dinner fused with Old World flair awaits.

Farm-to-Fork Cuisine, Old World Flair

We fuse an 100-mile farm-to-fork culinary focus with Old World imagination. Chef Cathy Hohmeyer's family originally built the Lake Clear Lodge in 1886, sold it, and eventually Ernest Hohmeyer's European family purchased it nearly 80 years later.

We honor the timeless practices of local ingredients, slow cooking, vegetable stocks, bone broths, essential oils, and natural herbs and spices. This is all a part of the essences that are drawn from the hands of four-generations that continue to hand-cut the stocks, stir the slow roasts, and bake artisan desserts with imaginative recipes from a fusion of the Old World and Adirondacks.

Add On to the Fun!

Add to your experience with our nightly workshops and demonstrations.

Hands-on Old World Strudel Cooking Class

Join Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer in a hands-on demo where she guides you on creating a strudel you can take home with you! You’ll also learn how you can make strudels savory or sweet while incorporating traditional food preparations that go back thousands of years.

History of Ancient Brews & Tonics Workshop

Learn and taste the ancient roots of today’s elixirs. From the brews of antiquity and spirits of the medieval alchemists to critical historical moments that changed alcohol and whole civilizations, sip and discover up to six tasting tonics. Each month, there is a different theme in a fun, interactive 30-minute workshop.

Reserve Your Experience

Join three generations of our family for an authentic, fresh-cooked Adirondack Alps dinner.
You can view our current schedule and make a reservation below.