Winter: Great Camp Speakeasy Dinner Experience will need a password to get in!

Create Your Own Experience

  • Begin your journey in one of the last of its kind: an original Adirondack lodge.
  • A special password to get in through the hidden door.
  • Explore our USA TODAY featured beer cellar, the largest selection of import craft beers in the Adirondack Park.
  • A chance to participate in a potential "surprise raid" by a 1920's Copper. Make sure you know where the hidden tables are.
  • Savor some of the dishes from our 1920's menu! A 3 course dinner awaits.
  • Have fun with Trivia and Fun Facts.

Three Generations of the Hohmeyer Family Invite You

Step back in time to an 100-mile product philosophy based on Chef Cathy's family who built originally built the Lodge in 1886. We fuse this with the Old World traditions of Ernest's European family who bought the Lodge over 50 years ago. Together, the Lodge is the oldest continuing operating lodge in the Adirondack Park. We honor traditional and real foods wellness cooking including:

All prepared in a unique "culinary naturopathy" cuisine as one of only seven Audubon International Platinum Green Hotels.

Dinners include vegetable stock & bone broth soups, Chef Accompaniments (choices vary each evening) such as fresh Lodge garden and farm vegetables, red cabbage, ancient grains such as quinoa, spaetzle or hand-grated potato pancakes.

1920s Speakeasy
3-Course Great Camp Dinner
Hotsy Totsy Vegetable Strudel
Various vegetables seasoned and baked in
puff pastry. Topped with a melted artisan cheese.
Back-Woods Distiller’s Stroganoff
Slow simmered beef with peppers and oinions, finished
with red wine and served on a bed of parsleyed bowtie noodles.
Pioneer Roast Duck
Naturally rasied duck is slow-roasted and quartered. Finished
off under the grill until crisp and served with a wild rice blend.
Bootlegger’s Slow-Roasted Smoked Pork
Slow-roasted smoked pork loin topped with bacon bits.
Finished with scalloped potatoes and a dash of turmeric.
Illustrious Lodge Schnitzel
Chicken is hand-cut, hand-pounded and then sautéed with
herbs, spices, and fresh bread-crumbs from a medieval family recipe.
1920s condiment tray, stock fresh nourishing soup,
and choice of entrée plus chef’s accompaniments.
Children’s Menu
Lodge Classic Chicken Schnitzel ~ Children’s Cheese Ravioli ~ Children’s Portions
*Menu is subject to change without notice. Substitutions may apply based on fresh deliveries
and ingredients available due to supply chain variability. This menu is for sample purposes only.

Add to the Fun!

Looking to add to your experience? Add one of the below activities when reserving your experience!

Ernest Hohmeyer gives a presentation on the History of Beer in the Speakeasy Rathskeller while guests sample different beers from around the world.

History of Prohibition Spirits Workshop & Tasting

Our area was a hotbed of activity during the prohibition. Lake Clear was a water and land taxi route between two famous hotels, and the train station at Lake Clear was where the main line from New York City split.

Homemade Apple Strudel on a Rustic Wooden Plate with Fresh Apples Baked by Executive Chef Cathy Hohmeyer

Roll In The Dough Cooking Demonstration

A family-fun 30-minute cooking demo, where everyone rolls-in-the-dough like ‘dem gangsters! Then you can have your dough and eat it too – as your own hidden creation for dessert!

Additional Activities

  • Speakeasy Mixology: Learn Speakeasy Drinks That You Can Do At Home
  • Soups, Stews and Stocks: Start the New Year with 10 Simple Wellness Cooking Tips
  • Campfire Chats: Stories, Trivia and Adirondack Prohibition. The Lake Clear Lodge and our Family was right in the cross-hairs!


Sleigh rides are provided by an outside vendor and we are proud to continue the long standing tradition of working with local farms. As such, sleigh ride availability is determined by them. They use our beautiful woods that stretch to the shore of beautiful Lake Clear, on lantern-lit trails. Thus, purchase of sleigh ride tickets are SEPARATE as we cannot control availability, and of course the weather.

As for the nights when the Speakeasy is open and no sleigh rides are offered, your Speakeasy ticket applies and no refund or rescheduling can be permitted due to limited seating. Cancellation of the sleigh rides by a non-affiliated, outside vendor, does NOT cancel your Lodge Speakeasy ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Speakeasy Event open to the public?

Yes, on a limited basis and everyone must purchase a ticket (with password).

Is the Speakeasy Fun for Families?

We are a 3 generation operated family business - we would hope so - suggestions to make it fun include:

How Long is the Event?

The Speakeasy even with possible raid, hanging out in an authentic Speakeasy and then upstairs to the 1886 stagecoach dining room for dinner is typically 90 minutes - but is is really up to you. Sleigh rides are generally 30 minutes but give yourself more time for pictures and saying hello to the horses.

Is It One Price?

Price for the Speakeasy event is pre-fixed with special prices for children under 10. Pricing includes Speakeasy activities and dinner and does NOT include alcohol or the sleigh ride (when available). Please bring ID.

What Are the Hours?

They vary depending on Holidays and special events, but typically are between 5:00 - 8:00 PM. If sleigh rides are available, your ride will be prior to dinner.

Are Groups Welcome?

Groups to us mean 15 people or more including children. We would be happy to work with you for special timing or meals. Contact us directly.

Are You Open Other Nights?

For special occasions and a minimum number of participants it may be possible, please contact us directly.