Fridays: Lake View Schnitzel & Sunset

It's all about the mountain-lake sunset, the schnitzel, the spaetzle, and the strudel.

Adirondack Alps Schnitzel with Mushrooms

The Experience

  • Soak in the region's only dining with a mountain-lake sunset view.
  • Revel in the spontaneous fun of an optional History of Beer Workshop.
  • See and hear the Lodge Schnitzel Meister hand-pound our signature dish with secret recipe.
  • Immerse in the best of our Adirondack Alps!
  • Reservations required: use the form below or call us!

Sample Menu

Fridays: Lake View Schnitzel & Sunset - $35

Lodge Schnitzel

Fresh chicken is hand-cut, hand-pounded then dipped in egg, homemade breadcrumbs and herbs then sautéed in real butter. We add our secret step to create our famous schnitzels. 

Additional Options 

Veal Schnitzel - $5       Pork Schnitzel - $3
Schnitzel Sampler (Chicken, Pork & Veal) - $10      Vegetarian Schnitzel (by request) - $3

Add To Your Experience!

5:00 PM: Cooking Demonstration

Join Chef Cathy for the evening’s specialized cooking demo. For 30 minutes, she will share one of the secrets of her Old World, Superfood philosophy and open the door to her many wellness cooking techniques. $20 per person.

5:30 PM: History of Beer Workshop & Tasting

Join Ernest Hohmeyer for a 30-minute experience about the history of beer, replete with a tasting of 6 beers from around the world! $20 per person.

Space limited, please call ahead. Restaurant open to the public as well as Lodge guests.
Children's menu available.
*Substitutions may apply based on fresh deliveries and local ingredients available. Menu is for sample purposes only.

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