Lake Front Gazebo Dining at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat

Lakefront Gazebo Dining

For the romantic couple or intimate gathering: Experience on-the-lake dining on our secluded, private beach front
and immerse yourself in one of the world’s most spectacular mountain-lake sunsets over NYS only wilderness canoe region.

3-acre lake lawn with sunset view
Summer Only; Dates Vary, please call ahead.

Experience the Great Camp Wonder

In a disappearing Adirondack icon: an original Adirondack lodge whose over 130 year history includes a stage coach inn, a post office and trading post. It served as a cure cottage, was an illustrious speakeasy and grand hotel. Today, you can begin by visiting the Fireside Rathskeller with a USA TODAY featured Beer Cellar with the Adirondacks largest selection of craft import beers and sustainable wines. Have an appetizer in this living museum.

Meander to a Lakefront Where Peace, Seclusion and Sunsets Reign

We'll deliver a pack-basket of savory, romantic foods you pre-ordered off the nightly menu!

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