Traditional Foods Cooking Demonstration with Cathy Hohmeyer

Traditional Foods Cooking Demonstration

Join Chef Cathy for the evening’s specialized cooking demo. For 30 minutes, she will share one of the secrets of her Old World, Superfood philosophy, and open the door to her Nutritional Energetics program.

30 Minute Cooking Demos

Every evening the restaurant is open, Chef Cathy offers a 30 minute cooking demonstration by prior sign up. For 30 minutes, she will share one of the secrets of her Old World, Nutritional Energetics philosophy and open the door to her many wellness cooking techniques. While the topic of the demo changes nightly, you can always expect an experience that is informative and fun!

Example Demo Topics

  • Intro to Traditional Foods
  • Intro to Old World Foods & Culturing
    Learn the research, cooking methods and fascinating story of foods that kept people healthy for generations. Learn to make popular Old World Foods and add them to your family’s repertoire.  This class includes learning to make probiotics for pennies.
  • Intro to Nutritional Energetics
    It’s not about diets anymore! It’s about the quality of food you prepare, the vibe of the food you eat and the properties of the food within. You will learn to enliven and energize your foods.  Learn cutting edge energetics and technologies.
  • Bone Broths & Essential Oils
    Learn to make your foods into superfoods by making mineral-rich and flavor fresh broths. Learn to make soups, add them to dishes and cook with them in various ways. Get an intro to essential oils and cooking.
  • Thermogenic Foods
    It's almost winter - time to be making foods that heat you up from the inside out (and control weight gain too!  Learn the foods and spices plus some recipes that make foods “thermogenic.”