Lake Front Spring Wellness Rejuvenation at the Lake Clear Lodge

Spring Into Wellness

Spring has sprung in the Adirondacks. It’s more than the melting snow, or the sap running, it is as if you can feel it. Perhaps it is because of our area’s world-renowned days known as the Cure Cottage era where all walks of life, the poets, composers, intellects, the common citizen and the infamous came to our area for the “cure.” Beginning in the late 1800s, the rage of tuberculosis many sought respite in the clean air and the therapeutic qualities of the pine and balsam.

Cathy Hohmeyer is more than the Executive Chef, she continues the Adirondack pioneering work in wellness with her groundbreaking “Nutritional Energetics.”

It is a peaceful and rejuvenating time to be here to simply “cure,” cabin fever, experience your own discovery path of wellness or immerse in one of our “soft” healing woods experiences.

  • Cabin Fever Lodging
    Rejuvenate in one our Healing Woods chalets with crackling fireplace or Lakeview suite with bubbling Jacuzzi.
  • The Great Outdoors
    From cross-country skis and snowshoes to mountain bikes and kayaks, we’ve got your fresh air breaths covered!
  • Chef Cathy’s favorite time of year to uncork her new seasonal wellness recipes with traditional foods flair. Sample through a Great Camp dinner or a “Cure Cottage Tasting Dinner which explores the history of traditional foods, fun and nutritious flavors from the Healing Woods days and an introduction to tomorrow’s superfoods.

Included Immersions

Healing Woods Dinner
Healing Woods Dinner One Evening
Healing Woods Dinner
Learn to make a “real foods” dinner while tasting Adirondack local foods. Learn the preparations to take the foods you like and make them “nutrient dense” - keep the nutrients in the foods you buy.
Cross-Country Skis, Snowshoes, and Groomed Nature Trails
Cross-Country Skis, Snowshoes, and Groomed Nature Trails
Enjoy cross-country skis and snowshoes for use on our nature trails!
With the growing popularity of our lantern-lit sleigh ride trails, two generations of family carefully designed a meandering cross country ski and snowshoe trail on our 25 acres.

Add To Your Spring Experience

Create your own experience with add-on activities, workshops, event tickets, culinary events, and so much more.

The First Brews: Organic Elixirs
The First Brews: Organic Elixirs Workshop
Fermenting is ancient. It wasn’t always about the beer, wine or alcohol for its own saké (okay, bad pun), though it did make those ancient rituals more fun to sit through!
Enjoy a 30-minute History of Beer workshop and tasting with Ernest Hohmeyer!
Introduction to Nutritional Energetics
Introduction to Nutritional Energetics Workshop
It’s not about diets anymore! It’s about the quality of food you prepare, the vibe of the food you eat and the properties of the food within. You will learn to enliven and energize your foods. Learn cutting edge energetics and technologies.
From 30-minute cooking demonstrations before you enjoy our Classic Dining experience to weekend-long culinary immersions in Traditional Food preparations & Nutritional Energetics.
The Cure Cottage Days
The Cure Cottage Days Fireside Chat
Tourism is not the Adirondacks oldest economies; wellness is. Beginning with the Native Americans and their tonics for the early Europeans and culminating with the Cure Cottage era, our region became known as the Healing Woods.

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Experience Details

This is our experience for lodging stays between Mar 01, 2020 and Jun 01, 2020. A two-night minimum is required for all lodging stays.