World of Nutritional Energetics

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Discover the world of Nutritional Energetics with Chef Energist Cathy Hohmeyer Come to the “Healing Woods” in the Adirondack Mountains!

Discover the World of Nutritional Energetics!

Nurture YOUR Nature

The body renews its own cells every day - 98% in less than 365 days. They make what is you through a multitude of networks including physical, sensory, electrical and energetic pathways that connect your mind, body and spirit. To nurture this energy requires a holistic, multidimensional approach. 

Welcome to the natural, multifaceted world of nourishing YOU through the 9 levels of Nutritional Energetics.

What Can This Mean for YOU?

To discover, maintain and energize your multidimensional blueprint. This is done through an integrative approach of real time immersions at the energetic portal of the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat, on-line, and one-on-one experiences. We welcome those seeking an introduction or interested in holistic immersions. From 15 minute videos and attending a 30 minute workshop while you are vacationing with us to day programs and 5 day retreats, wellness is our nature and nourishing yours has three integrable pathways:

  1. Culinary Naturopathy

Natural & Traditional Foods that maximizes their nutritional density. From understanding the 11 Common Denominators to 5 Wellness Essentials For Your Home Kitchen, fun 30 minute cooking demos, weekend culinary programs and on-line videos are yours to explore. Savor the 8 culinary seasons in a fun, interactive and simple way.

For Those Who?

  • Are  interested in adding to their wellness culinary toolbox
  • Want to Learn simple and easy ways to cook well
  • Are adding other “dimensions”  to their culinary menu

  1. Re-imagining Food as Your Multidimensional Source of Energy in your own Cosmic Kitchen

If we are of mind, body and spirit then all of it has to be fed to nurture us. Food wellness has often been limited to our physical state. How do we enhance its energy to up our mind and spiritual vibe? From the importance of the colors of food to essential oils and from rethinking food preparation by magnifying its multifaceted properties, to an introduction to your energetic blueprint, reimagine what food can be!

For Those Who?

  • Are seeking to explore food as a multidimensional source of energy
  • Want to add culinary techniques to Up the Vibe of Food
  • Are Interested in the introduction to  Nutritional Energetics

  1.  Nourishing YOur Multidimensional Body

From the basics of understanding your energetic blueprint to your Ancient Biocodes, explore the 9 levels of natural nourishment. BioAcoustics, Block Therapy, The Chakras & Frequencies of Food, and Lifewave Patches are a sample of nurturing your nature! See the calendar below for seasonal on-line and real time experiences. 

For Those Who?

  • Are Interested in the natural nourishment of your mind, body and soul.
  • Want to Learn new and ancient ways to understand your energetic blueprint
  • Have an interest in exploring energetic techniques at home or during a guided retreat.

Our Philosophy

The Adirondacks oldest economy is not tourism or wood products, it is wellness, and our area in particular became known as the “Healing Woods.’ From Emerson to Einstein they were captivated by our Sylvan nature and healing was simple, let the air, the botanicals and the warmth of local people whose generations of caring became part of their DNA rejuvenation was all around you.

We keep that generational philosophy in the forefront of our Nutritional Energetics experiences utilizing our nature, time-honored practices and new-age discoveries. It is based on the holistic thinking we are more than our physical essences but also a world of energetic and spirit.

Albert Einstein himself said: 

“I like to experience the universe as one harmonious whole. Every cell has life. Matter, too, has life; it is energy solidified.”

If he was right, this “harmonious” energy needs to be fed to as part of this multidimensional, holistic connection.

Thus, we need to look at ourselves differently, look at how we nourish ourselves differently. We will show you ways to monitor, to remedy, and how you can do it on your own. Like our region, we can be the great connector, connecting your mind, body and spirit.

And our experiences begin with food, for without and water, we would not survive.

“Science has been uncovering the wonderful, yet complex systems of who we are,” Cathy Hohmeyer, founder of Nutritional Energetics and Executive Chef for over 25 years said, “yet, we still look and talk about food largely from a traditional perspective. Is there a way that food can also help these other elements? To do this, we may need to look at ourselves and how we nourish ourselves differently to connect our mind, body and spirit.”

What is Nutritional Energetics and why me?

We all love food and food has always been the key ingredient of enhancing wellness. Too often though, we may think of this cure from a physical standpoint only: weight loss, calories, and diets for example. Yet, we are this wonderful complexity of mind, energy and spirit. We are truly a multidimensional being. Food is also multidimensional and can be a wonderful ingredient to up the many dimensions of “your vibe.” Once, you have this “core,” there are additional nonfood related energetic tonics.

Welcome to the multidimensional world of Kathy Hohmeyer’s  Nutritional Energetics