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Re-Calibrating Your Holistic Wellness Compass in today's environment

Jun 11, 2021 3:00 PM


12:00 pm

Jun 13, 2021 12:00 PM


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lake clear lodge

Re-calibrating mind, body and spirit for special times. Empower yourself and help others move forward. Be nourished by real foods, explore how emotions create dis-ease, learn to use energetics for balance throughout your day.

Re-Setting Your Compass for Life Ahead

Spring is a perfect time to Recalibrate your Body, Mind & Spirit.

Nourishing Foods for the Body;

Rustic Simplicity for the Soul

Empowerment for the Mind

& Fun for the Young at Heart

    Join us for a special weekend June 11-13 at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat. Join Executive Chef and Nutritional Energist Cathy Hohmeyer and guest speakers on taking a new look on nourishment for our "energetic and physical selves," nourishment and even cooking.

In this introductory workshop you will be:

 Introduced to Nutritional Energetics and the 9 levels that you can nourish all parts of YOU.

Body: Learn to Balance muscles tendons and joints by working with your fascia - Learn more about Block Therapy here

Mind : Learn how emotions and attitudes affect "dis-ease" and how to remove the glitches

Spirit: Learn how to reach for the stars and discuss your level and definition of "spirit"

Nourishment :

 Learning about exciting wellness principles such as your “energetic blueprint” and how you can learn to communicate with it.

All of this will be done in a fun, interactive manner with the idea to bring home with you:

 9 Tips on how you can improve the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins just by changing the preparation method.

 6 Ways to monitor your multi-dimensional body - learn how to release and remove energetic "charges" that trigger your emotions - any why some of them are not even "yours"

 2 Follow Up Group Classes

Two awesome energetic reports for real time info for your health

1) NEW AND EXCITING !! What does your body nee to be healthy? Your voice will tell you - a voice report will be provided for all participants onsite or online.

Learn how to get one for your family members where ever they may be!

2) Using the BioWell - get a real time energy reading before and after the retreat!

Proposed Agenda

Prior to the weekend

* Intro to Kinesiology and how you learn to use it for yourself

* Intro to the 5 Biological Laws of Nature


...........Health fair tables to explore

...........Dinner Workshop - Intro to the 9 Levels of Multidimensional Energetics

......... Fireside meet and greet


Morning activity TBD - based on weather

Brunch workshop - Preparations that make food "Super Nourishing"

How Emotions can Affect disease and Body symptoms

1) The FIX Code with Stacey Nye

2) The Ancient BioCodes and the 5 Biological laws

Block or Walk/Canoe/Kayak

Dinner workshop

Your Energetic Blueprint

After Dinner Wellness Tables and Q&A, informal discussions


Morning activity TBD - based on weather

11-12 Brunch workshop - Preparations that make food "Super Nourishing"


More on "Multidimensional Nourishment"

Creating Your Tool Kit for Home Use - Practical Solutions for Home, Work, Office

Sunday PM and Monday (optional) .........Facebook event info, please share! thank you



Nature - canoe, kayak, walk the Labyrinth, walk/hike trails

Block Therapy (for fascia )

Real Foods - non Diet wellness

Ancient Biocodes

Cooking Classes

Light wave Patches (meridian flow)

Essential Oils and Cooking with Essential Oils

Your Voice - how it tells you what your body needs

The BioWEll - 26 page real time reading of your energy levels


Cathy Hohmeyer (onsite)

Stacey Nye : the FIX Code

Lisa Warner : Your Health is right inside!

Others to be announced