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Creating Your Holistic Wellness Compass in today's environment

Jun 11, 2021

Jun 13, 2021

3:00 pm


Jun 13, 2021

3:00 pm

lake clear lodge

Re-calibrating mind, body and spirit for special times. Empower yourself and help others move forward. Be nourished by real foods, explore how emotions create dis-ease, learn to use energetics for balance throughout your day.

Re-Setting Your Compass for Life Ahead

Spring is a perfect time to Recalibrate your Body, Mind & Spirit.

Nourishing Foods for the Body;

Rustic Simplicity for the Soul

Empowerment for the Mind

& Fun for the Young at Heart

    Join us for a special weekend June 11-13 at the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat. Join Executive Chef and Nutritional Energist Cathy Hohmeyer and guest speakers on taking a new look on nourishment for our "energetic and physical selves," nourishment and cooking.

In this introductory workshop you will be:

 Introduced to Nutritional Energetics and the 9 levels that you can nourish all parts of YOU.

 Interacting in new ways to think about food and nourishment. Nourishment is more complex than "just a diet" - but in learning why, your correct food choices will become very easy - and you won't need another conventional diet.

 Learning about exciting wellness principles such as your “energetic blueprint” and how you can learn to communicate with it.

All of this will be done in a fun, interactive manner with the idea to bring home with you:

 9 Tips on how you can improve the nutrients, enzymes and vitamins just by changing the preparation method

 6 Ways to monitor your multi-dimensional body - learn how to release and remove energetic "charges" that trigger your emotions - any why some of them are not even "yours"

 3 Follow Up Group Classes

 1 Follow up Group Session

Proposed Agenda

Prior to the weekend

* Intro to Kinesiology and how you learn to use it for yourself

* Intro to the 5 Biological Laws of Nature


...........Health fair tables to explore

...........Dinner Workshop - Intro to the 9 Levels of Multidimensional Energetics

......... Fireside meet and greet


Morning activity TBD - based on weather

Brunch workshop - Preparations that make food "Super Nourishing"

How Emotions can Affect disease and Body symptoms

1) The FIX Code with Stacey Nye

2) The Ancient BioCodes and the 5 Biological laws

Block or Walk/Canoe/Kayak

Dinner workshop

Your Energetic Blueprint

After Dinner Wellness Tables and Q&A, informal discussions


Morning activity TBD - based on weather

11-12 Brunch workshop - Preparations that make food "Super Nourishing"


More on "Multidimensional Nourishment"

Creating Your Tool Kit for Home Use - Practical Solutions for Home, Work, Office

Sunday PM and Monday (optional)


Nature - canoe, kayak, walk the Labyrinth, walk/hike trails

Block Therapy (for fascia )

Real Foods - non Diet wellness

Ancient Biocodes

Cooking Classes

Light wave Patches (meridian flow)

Essential Oils and Cooking with Essential Oils


Cathy Hohmeyer (onsite)

Stacey Nye (TBD)

Others to be announced