Class participants slice fresh vegetables and spices during a cooking class.


Forgotten Foods to Spice Up Your Menu

Mar 10, 2023 3:30 PM


11:00 am

Mar 12, 2023 11:00 AM


3:30 pm

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Last chance to experience lantern-lit, horse-drawn sleigh rides plus our Speakeasy Dinner for Winter 2022-23! We have added History of Food Workshops: learn about foods and preparations that have kept generations of people around the world healthy.

History of Food Weekend Series: History of Spices & Flavoring Your Menu 

A fun history of food weekend with lantern-lit sleigh rides and the mystery of our 1920’s Speakeasy -  you’ll need a password to get in!

And enjoy our families authentic Prohibition menu when Chef Cathy’s family operated the Lodge during the roaring 20’s within an original Adirondack Great Camp setting.

Throughout the year on special weekends, we offer a “History of Food Series.”

In March we’ll focus on “History of Spices & Flavoring Your Menu.”

Since the dawn of the earliest known cooking techniques, the search for spices has been a historical quest. Beginning on a local, seasonal level and expanding as civilization, trade and commerce brought the world of spices to your door. Certain regions throughout the world have been, and still are, sought after for their spice. Savor some of the original spices and learn their history from medicinal and those believed from the gods, to the exotic, and how their pursuit formed the quest of world discovery, war, and associations with people and cultures.

Unique Weekend Experiences - Save 20% On Your Lodging!

  • Lantern-lit Sleigh Ride (included with your lodging booking)
  • Speakeasy Dinner Experience (included with your lodging booking)
  • Friday Night: Spices That Made History. Fireside Dessert & Culinary Chat w/ Cooking Demonstration
  • Saturday Night: Blending Your Spices & Flavoring Your Menu. Cooking Demonstration w/ Recipes.
  • Sunday Morning: Thermogenic Foods Class w/ Executive Chef Cathy. Optional: $49/person. Get ready for spring; thermogenic foods are known for boosting metabolism and fat-burning.

Pre-arrival sign-up. Friday Night Demo + Saturday Workshop: $50/person.

Add the "March 10th - 12th, 2023: History of Spices & Flavoring Your Menu" package on the third step of booking your lodging, or give us a call to add it on!