Discover the Dimensions of "Nutritional Energetics"

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Discover "new" and "rediscover old" ways of staying nourished. Incorporate simple and easy processes and info into your day to help nourish you and your family. Let's keep it simple, fun and magical. Re-imagine both food, energy

Nurture YOUR Nature

The body renews its own cells every day - 98% in less than 365 days. They make what is you through a multitude of networks including physical, sensory, electrical and energetic pathways that connect your mind, body and spirit. To nurture this energy requires a holistic, multidimensional approach. 

Welcome to the natural, multifaceted world of nourishing YOU through the 9 levels of Nutritional Energetics.

What Can This Mean for YOU?

To discover, maintain and energize your multidimensional blueprint. This is done through an integrative approach of real time immersions at the energetic portal of the Lake Clear Lodge & Retreat, on-line, and one-on-one experiences. We welcome those seeking an introduction or interested in holistic immersions. From 15 minute videos and attending a 30 minute workshop while you are vacationing with us to day programs and 5 day retreats, wellness is our nature and nourishing yours has three integrable pathways:

  1. Culinary Naturopathy

Natural & Traditional Foods that maximizes their nutritional density. From understanding the 11 Common Denominators to 5 Wellness Essentials For Your Home Kitchen, fun 30 minute cooking demos, weekend culinary programs and on-line videos are yours to explore. Savor the 8 culinary seasons in a fun, interactive and simple way.

For Those Who?

  • Are  interested in adding to their wellness culinary toolbox
  • Want to Learn simple and easy ways to cook well
  • Are adding other “dimensions”  to their culinary menu

  1. Re-imagining Food (as Your Multidimensional Source of Energy).

If we are of mind, body and spirit then all of it has to be fed to nurture us. Food wellness has often been limited to our physical state. How do we enhance its energy to up our mind and spiritual vibe? From the importance of the colors of food to essential oils and from rethinking food preparation by magnifying its multifaceted properties, to an introduction to your energetic blueprint, reimagine what food can be!

For Those Who?

  • Are seeking to explore food as a multidimensional source of energy
  • Want to add culinary techniques to Up the Vibe of Food
  • Are Interested in the introduction to  Nutritional Energetics

  1. Nutritional Energetics

From the basics of understanding your energetic blueprint to your ancient biocodes, explore the 9 levels of natural nourishment. BioAcoustics, Block Therapy, The Chakras & Frequencies of Food, and Lifewave Patches are a sample of nurturing your nature! See the calendar below for seasonal on-line and real time experiences. 

For Those Who?

  • Are Interested in the natural nourishment of your mind, body and soul.
  • Want to Learn new and ancient ways to understand your energetic blueprint
  • Have an interest in exploring energetic techniques at home or during a guided retreat.

Nourishing Your Multidimensional Body: the 9Dimensions of  Wellness : A Holistic Approach **

Come with 

…….the option to obtain advanced knowledge to get the most out of your On-SITE experience

→Prior information about the 9D program and its different parts

You will be sent or have the opportunity to attend / watch webinars and youtubes at your leisure before coming, some live , some taped

Go Home with

Options to continue connections

Option to join the 7 week Get Nourished Challenge 

Your Cosmic Kitchen Tool Kit : How to become your own Cosmic Kitchen Alchemist 

The knowledge of how you can know yourself through frequency

The knowledge of how to get or do your own frequency reports

Sunday Welcome  

  • Free time to explore the property  3-6PM
  • 6PM   Dinner, Meet and Greet welcome and fireside chat
  • Have your voice prints and BioWell readings done before you head off to your lodging
  •  Download your frequency app if you choose to do so for personalized tones (optional)
  • Grab your breakfast basket for Breakfast at your leisure Monday AM.
  • Optional: mini workshop :Commune with the “second dimension” Start your own ginger bug, sourdough starter, water kefir “soda” or kombucha


  • Sleep in for goodness sake and unwind - no where to “Get-up and Go” unless you want to- walk the trails, take a paddle on the lake, chat with other participants and connect. Bike or hike the onsite trails or the old RR trail , walk the Avalon Labyrinth.
  • Monday 11:30 -12:30 Harvest Brunch and workshop:  An Adk History Tasting Brunch plus Module 1 Unlock your Fascia and let your Body be Nourished, a hello from creator Deanna Hansen or Quinn or both?? TBD
  • Monday 1-2 PM  Module 2 : The Cosmic Kitchen   A new look at Food/Frequency and Nourishment, Voice print readings and discussion. Fall Colors and the Colors of Food intro - How its all frequency/color/energy. Lets use this fun knowledge to keep ourselves nourished in the starge time we find ourselves.
  • 2:15 - 2:50 Optional - Q&A Learn to muscle test/dowse befor you come - this is a Q&A
  • 3-4 PM  Block Therapy Class - come experience the amazing openness Block Therapy provides - this is learning for life!!
  • 6:30 Sunset Get together at the lake (in the retreat center if it rains)
  • Bistro Dinner 7PM -  Make your own Rosti with Chef Cathy , Raw dessert table
  •       9D Tables, exploration, connection


  • Get breakfast in the store as you wish - options available
  • Brunch together: 11:30 - 1:30 AM Traditional Foods - How to KEEP the nutrients IN your food. What made people TRULY healthy, the 11 common denominators that made people healthy per a 10 years of research and travel by Dr Weston A Price.  
  • 4PM Block Class
  • 6PM   Creating our Cosmic Kitchen Community Dinner : Become your own Cosmic Kitchen Alchemist (assignments will be made during brunch, all will participate and “report” on what they learned) Energetics, cooking - all can contribute..Food , Frequency & Fun
  • 6:55 PM Sunset sungazing from the Retreat Center
  • After dinner discussion - making your personalized Cosmic Kitchen Tool Kit
  • Solar light path Labyrinth Walk 

Brunch Debrief -  Wed AM : Get your voice print and Biowell reading. How are your frequencies doing??

If you opted in for the Holistic Frequency app - send your voice and pic for when you get home for updated tones

12 PM Check out for those headed home

Stay & Play Option for Thursday or Friday AM check out.

Wed PM - no programming


Block class 11AM

Lunch 1PM   Program TBD by staying participants

8PM - Fireside Chat & Popcorn

** Agenda and info subject to change without notice